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Using Sales Video And Webinars To Increase Revenue

Using Sales Video And Webinars To Increase Revenue

Agencies spend a lot of time optimising and creating. Just as importantly, they need to educate their clients. Educational written and sales video content is crucial in building relationships based on trust and knowledge sharing. It positions you as a specialist in your field and also empowers your clients to improve the way they work. As the old saying goes "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime".

How does creating sales video content and the idea of educating clients' fit in with the SaaS model? We've talked about how building relationships is a crucial element in selling subscriptions. Knowledge sharing with clients is a cornerstone in establishing these relationships. But taking the time to educate clients one-on-one is a time drainer. Primary connections are vital in the early stages of SaaS transition. But once relationships are established, education must become scalable. Purpose built sales video content is one of the most effective ways to do this.

The SaaS model promotes scalability through the use of templates for major deliverables. Creating sales video content and educational pieces works on the same principle. The only way to achieve scalability in education is to make sure all your conversations are not one-on-one, but one-to-many.

Video as a medium for education

Research suggests that people learn new and abstract concepts better when they are presented in both verbal and visual forms. Within educational fields, video is regarded as the go-to medium for transmitting one-way communication. There are many reasons for this:

  • It helps clients retain more information
  • It's great for explaining complicated abstract concepts
  • It helps time-poor individuals to consume information quickly
  • For agencies, videos are relatively easy to create

Scalability is key

In your SaaS agency, you can start by deciding which topics you are likely to need to be creating video content for. This can include areas such as introduction to SEO, or a basic guide to content amplification. Once you've drafted your lesson and perfected tone and delivery, it’s as easy as hitting record. You can then use that one video to service a range of clients. These easy to make videos can easily be up-sold, or built into packs as an additional service. It’s a great way to increase revenue.

Webinars vs. videos

There are different forms of video content out there, which suit a range of situations. Two of the major formats are webinars and videos.

Webinars tend to be more structured in nature and take on a more formal tone. When signing up to watch a webinar, a user generally expects to receive information in a structured, professional way. They also tend to be quite a bit longer in format, and users generally log in to view at a particular time.

Video content is more casual. They can be made on your phone whilst on the go – think Facebook Live, or Instagram stories. They're generally shorter than webinars, and require less editing and resources to shoot.

How creating video content can help sales

Both these formats can work well for SaaS agencies. They allow you to create a bank of resources to address common problems faced by your clients. It means less repetition within client meetings and more time for the important stuff. The strongest benefit though, is the ease of creation. For example, say an issue arises in a client meeting that you have noticed across a few of your clients. You can make a quick video on your website addressing the problem. It’s as easy as sending the link around in a personalised email. Problem solved. This plays a huge part when trying to scale your deliverables.

Video is a great way to educate your clients in a way that’s scalable and low cost. We all know that lower costs means an easier sell. Frequent and engaging video content is also an awesome up-selling opportunity to knowledge-hungry clients. Don’t be afraid to position yourself as an industry expert. Draw on your experience and capitalise on it!

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