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10 Favourite Content Marketing Quotes

10 Favourite Content Marketing Quotes

Content marketing is a long game. 

That's why it's so important to stay motivated, and to keep your content team aligned to your overarching content strategy while you keep crunching through your day to day task list. 

To this end we've collated some of our favourite content marketing quotes, these are the motivations we use to remind our team of how important our content marketing efforts are - so we keep pushing that rock up that big hill.

Do with these as you will - or build a favourites list of your own. 

1. Talk with your audience

One of our favourite quotes - a reminder that content marketing enables us to have deeper conversations with our customers than we could via traditional marketing.

2. Be relevant

Relevance is something we need to continually test ourselves against when it comes to content marketing - content platforms and audiences change and adapt over time and so must we. Never get complacent.

3. Don't be mediocre

Your content is the filter through which your audience judges your brands personality - so that means it's really important that we are continuously creating top-quality content that is highly engaging and reflects your brands personality.

This is one area that can easily slip over time, and having your entire team aligned and focused on ensuring your delivering extraordinary can help to keep everyone accountable.

4. Brand publishing

While many brands are savvy with the need to do content marketing (some more successfully than others), a number of top brands are now leveraging publishing strategies to grow their audience.

As publishers have a wealth of experience in creating and distributing content - we agree that's a smart model to replicate.

5. Distribute your content

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Make sure your content is being heard, by the right people, in the right channels.

6. Make your customers the hero

Customer generated content is one of the most powerful tools a content marketer can use. Making our customer the hero is a winner for both the customer and the brand, and builds trust and respect.

7. The old banner ad

While we love to hate on banner ads (as do 99% percent of the population), they can have a time and a place. Just not on our content.

Plus this one just cracks us up...

8. Look for the gap

Finding the missing gap in your industry is an opportunity to provide value that your audience can't get anywhere else. It can be as simple as a new approach, or new angle, to the same topic.

9. Be the best answer

Unless you're in a very narrow niche, we're all answering questions that have been answered before.

To stand out and add value we need to be providing the best possible answer every time. Otherwise you're not adding any value.

10. Be committed

And finally a reminder of the importance of commitment. There are no quick wins. Take the time to get the results.

Hopefully you enjoyed this spatter of motivation - now it's back to pushing that big rock!

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