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4 Outstanding Examples of Creative Content Marketing

4 Outstanding Examples of Creative Content Marketing

If you're a marketer today, there's a pretty good chance you know about -- and have tried to tackle -- content marketing.

Content marketing is an inbound strategy that uses high-quality content in order to attract people to your brand and convince them you're a thought leader who's worth doing business with.

While many people think that content marketing is simply blogging and sending helpful email newsletters, in reality, content marketing can encompass so many strategies and tactics -- many of which are creative, impressive and fun.

Here are several innovative examples of content marketing efforts that helped brands expand their audience and improve their reputation.

McDonald's "Our Food, Your Questions"

McDonald's is a global fast-food brand whose reputation has evolved many times over the course of its history.

In 2014, McDonald's undertook a creative content marketing campaign in order to improve its reputation, boost transparency, and make customers happy with the food and service they were getting.

The company started the "Our Food, Your Questions" campaign, which allowed users to post questions to the company via social media and their website.

Then, the company answered the questions in order to explain more about the process of devising, cooking and serving food in their restaurants.

This transparency-focused process felt like a back and forth between customer and brand, and it was a successful content marketing campaign because it boosted the brand's reputation as honest, open and knowledgeable.

It also helped encourage people to feel more confident about visiting and doing business with McDonald's, since they better understood what they were consuming and paying for.

Colgate Oral Care

Colgate is a beloved toothpaste and oral healthcare brand.

However, the brand has also figured out how to use content marketing to set them apart from their competition.

Colgate launched an Oral Care Center online, providing a huge number of articles containing scientific information about dental health. The company was able to brand itself as a leader not only in creating great products but also in understanding what it takes to keep a mouth healthy.

This helped ensure consumers trusted them -- and it ultimately resulted in 25 percent higher engagement with their ads and a click-through rate that was six times higher than before they launched their campaign.

Tasty Videos

BuzzFeed has become one of the world's most popular news sources.

However, the site hasn't relied on news alone to build an audience. Instead, they've taken on numerous content marketing campaigns, including their Tasty Videos. BuzzFeed launched (and continues to serve up) a series of Tasty Videos, which are videos shot overhead that feature a recipe and show a sped-up version of a person cooking that recipe.

Tasty soon helped BuzzFeed generate a giant audience of viewers and readers who are interested in food.

In fact, at the end of 2016, the site had attracted more than 1.8 billion views.

Tasty represented a smart content marketing move because BuzzFeed decided to take advantage of the power of digital video to build an audience, and they also used Facebook's new (at the time) feature of auto-playing videos on Facebook without having to press play, which resulted in countless new readers, simply thanks to a simple scroll down their newsfeed.

Kayla Itsines

Social media can be a very important platform for content marketing.

One person who has been able to build a large audience in the social media realm is Australian trainer Kayla Itsines.

Itsines released a PDF version of her workouts for purchase online. But it wasn't her guides that grew her following -- it was her Instagram presence, where she regularly shared photos of her very fit body and information about working out.

In addition to sharing inspiring photos, Itsines also regularly sent out motivational quotes, encouragement to her followers, photos of beautiful destinations she had traveled, and glimpses into her personal life. A

ll of this positive content melded together to create an unbeatable brand, and today Itsines runs one of the most successful fitness brands in the world, as well as a successful app called SWEAT with Kayla.

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