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5 Examples of Interactive Content

5 Examples of Interactive Content

While most people know about popular types of marketing content -- such as blogs, email newsletters, etc. -- what many people don't realize is that they can also take advantage of interactive content to drive up engagement.

Interactive content is a smart strategy because it works. Studies show that internet users are drawn to interactive content; in fact, 81 percent say that it grabs attention better than other kinds of content.

If you want to start interactive content marketing in the year to come, take a look at some of the following examples of interactive content that has worked. These content marketing efforts were innovative, unique, and drove up engagement with a brand or company.

Calculator: SilkRoad Onboarding ROI Calculator

Calculators are tools that provide concrete value to users.

Companies that create them can boost visits to their site and up the chances that people become aware of their brand -- and want to become paying customers. SilkRoad is a global Talent Management and activation company that helps HR at big companies get the most from their teams.

SilkRoad has created an onboarding ROI calendar that companies can turn to to see if it's worth it for them to invest in an employee onboarding program. SilkRoad's calendar can prove to people that SilkRoad's offering is worth it -- ultimately encouraging them to buy.

Quiz: Warby Parker Frames Quiz

Warby Parker, the on-demand glasses company, has created an online frames quiz that serves as a form of interactive content marketing.

It allows users to answer questions about themselves and their tastes, and then it shows them the pair of glasses that is best suited for them. Warby Parker's quiz infuses a bit of fun into content marketing, and it offers users a product to buy at the end -- which ups the chances that they will convert.

Assessment: Is Zipcar for Me?

Zipcar has made a splash as an innovative car sharing brand that has changed the way that people rent and borrow cars in the short term. Their content marketing efforts have also been innovative -- especially their use of assessments to draw in potential customers.

Zipcar started an interactive assessment called "Is Zipcar for Me?" where web users could answer questions about themselves in order to figure out whether they were a good candidate to become a Zipcar member. The interactive nature of the assessment didn't only attract an audience of potential customers; it also brought in a slew of more qualified leads to the company.

Lookbook: Topshop

A lookbook is a great way for fashion companies to get people leafing through the pages of their digital catalogues.

Topshop came out with an outstanding interactive lookbook this past season. The lookbook showcased every product the company sells and offered customers the opportunity to examine and check out what they could buy from the company, as well as and how they could put outfits together.

Interactive Maps: National Geographic Global Warming

National Geographic released an interactive map that allows people to see what the world will look like if the ice caps melt and global warming continues. Not only do they prove that they are an organization of helpful, invaluable thought leaders, they also encourage people to subscribe to their magazine and read even more content that they have to offer.

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