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Mumbrella360: How to Build a Modern and Effective Content Factory

Mumbrella360: How to Build a Modern and Effective Content Factory

Cooperate is proud to announce we will be exhibiting and speaking at this year's Mumbrella360 event in Sydney. 

Mumbrella360 is Australia’s biggest media and marketing event and features some of the most prominent names in the media and marketing industry, both globally and locally. This year will see senior marketing leaders from IKEA, Microsoft, Buzzfeed, Google and more covering the need-to-know topics for the year ahead. 

One of the key themes at this year's event is "the new content marketing landscape and how to really reach the consumer."  

How to Build a Modern and Effective Content Factory

In collaboration with SFI Health, Cooperate will present a keynote on the leadership stage focusing on building a modern and effective content factory. 

Kate Brown from SFI Health and her marketing team were faced with a substantial challenge - how to roll out and enforce a new global content strategy across 20+ markets and a portfolio of interlinked brands. SFI needed a scalable solution that enabled collaboration on content, as some markets were run by employees but others were distributor only. Each market had its own regulatory restrictions and legal processes to follow. Finally, the maturity level of each team varied; some were working on high cadence content led marketing, others were at the start of the journey. 

How do winning brands like SFI Health overcome this? They leverage the right technologies and processes to build effective and high-performing modern content factories. Content factories used to be about churning out bad content at a rate of knots, but times have changed and brands like SFI Health are now producing stand out material across all channels, powered by a slick and highly-efficient marketing team.

How are they doing it?

Kate and Amy Walker from Cooperate will show you where they are on the journey and how they're using Cooperate to put structure around this process, what worked well, and learnings for anyone trying to scale their marketing operations.


Mumbrella 360 is a two day event starting on Wednesday 13th June and Thursday 14th June at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney.

Our keynote will be held on the leadership stage at 2pm on Thursday.  


If you're interested in coming along please get in touch, we have free tickets on offer for our keynote and a 50% Discount Code for the full event. We would love to see you there! 

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