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Our Key Takeaways from Australia's Biggest Media and Marketing Event

Our Key Takeaways from Australia's Biggest Media and Marketing Event

Mumbrella360 is Australia’s biggest media and marketing event, and was attended by nearly 2,400 senior executives in 2018. We were lucky enough to be a premium sponsor and take the stage with Kate Brown from SFI Health, who we can't thank enough! 

One of this year's key themes was the new content marketing landscape and how we can reach the consumer. With such fierce competition, the consumer is tuning out rather than tuning in. So how do you win at content marketing today and what are brands doing to make sure their content marketing budget is well spent? These are our best takeaway's from the event. 

Content Saturation, Attention Economics and the New Age of Experience Design

Content Saturation is something nobody wants to talk about. For the first time supply of information and content now exceeds the demand, yet we keep adding to the supply. This panel discussion explored how we can build a relationship if we can’t get people’s attention in the first place and whether it’s time to focus less on creating content and more on enhancing brand experience. 

Jac Phillips- Head of Marketing, Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific, VISA

"Brands have to stand for something, there has to be meaning. At the end of the day if people don’t engage or like your brand or think that they’re talking to them then the metrics mean nothing. Lets put meaning back into the brand and actually engage with people in real life scenarios. Have some conversations, have some fun. If you’re not making people laugh or cry or educating them you probably need to get out of town.

We’re not competing with competitors in our category we’re actually competing with culture. What are people doing? What are they engaging with? What sort of arts and experiences? Chances are it's going to be either informing them so they learn and grow, entertaining which makes them laugh or get emotional and if we can understand that based on your audience and brand purpose and what your brand stands for then we can look into the future and say that’s how we’re going to do it."

Michael Nearhos - General Manager, Brand Experience, NAB

"Our work is very much designed to strip back the advertising messaging, dial up authenticity. Real genuine conversations and not talking about ourselves too much but more the customer. If you interact in a human, genuine, authentic way with stuff that they’re interested in. They will give you credit for it."

"Focus on a couple key principles to get that done right"

  1. Create value, you have to reward your customer for engaging in the piece of content and the social message – that needs to be really rewarded in the context of when, how and why they’re viewing it
  2. Tell stories – We are 22 times more likely to absorb a story than a mere statement or fact. We are programmed to do that. 
  3. Entertain – You actually have to lift spirits when you can and make it interesting
  4. Optimise – Optimise frequently. You’ve got to learn and focus on it

Gayle While - Deputy CEO, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

"You don’t need a big budget. Being creative with how you talk about your brand and authentic will cut through the noise. Don’t forget your key website assets and basic search strategy. If you create content in the right way and people can access and search it will give you a large whack of what you need."

The New Content Landscape: Merging Customer Utility and Business Value 

As audience attention continues to decrease, brands and agencies run the risk that they’re simply adding to an abyss of largely redundant “stuff’ customers don’t see or value. Two of Australia’s most experienced content marketers, Bupa’s Head of Global Content Strategy Matt Allison and Storyation co-founder Lauren Quaintance, taught us how to ensure that content marketing delivers on its promise.

How do you succeed in an era of content saturation? 

  1. Identify your customer need and focus on quality
  2. Understand the level of saturation for your topic
  3. Early movers will win with evergreen/utility content
  4. Own a niche topic, or adopt a radically different perspective
  5. Devote as much effort to promotion as creation

How to win at content marketing?

  1. A cohesive strategy that delivers commercial outcomes
  2. Relentless focus on the customer and their pain-points
  3. Original, ownable content tailored to the competitive landscape
  4. Content is part of a broader ecosystem across POE channels

How to Build a Modern and Effective Content Factory

Content factories used to be about churning out bad content at a rate of knots, but times have changed and brands like SFI Health are now producing stand out material across all channels, powered by a slick and highly-efficient marketing team. SFI Health's Head of Content Kate Brown and Cognitives Head of Growth Amy Walker, showed the audience how SFI transformed their marketing team into a high-performing operation and most importantly, how she got the support from high-level stakeholders to implement technology and new strategies. 

Kate Brown

"Take them (stakeholders) on the journey with you. It's about giving the ownership back to them and saying what you're doing is really valuable to the business we just need to change your way of thinking slightly in order for us to progress with the rest of the world because digital is unfortunately moving and content isn't like your old school marketing because volume is a lot higher." 

  1. Look for long term partners who align to your values
  2. Sell the vision early to high-level stakeholders
  3. Get buy-in from those that will be doing the work
  4. Centralisation of marketing activities enables content at scale
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