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Watch: How to Nail B2B Customer Journey-Driven Marketing

Watch: How to Nail B2B Customer Journey-Driven Marketing

Marketing is the primary driver of business revenue and profit, and Customer Journey-Driven Marketing moves the needle for both.

Research shows us that brands that can improve the Customer Journey see revenues increase as much as 10 to 15 percent, while also lowering the cost to serve 15 to 20 percent.

With B2B, we have an even bigger challenge on our hands. The B2B path to purchase (or Customer Journey) is far more complex than those undertaken by our B2C counterparts.

Not only do our B2B Customer Journeys include a larger number of stages for a buyer to move through, our journeys often take a longer time for the buyer to move through from start to finish (sometimes years).

We have to juggle multiple stakeholders and personas moving in and out of the same Customer Journey, and to top it off – B2B marketing teams have to work hand in hand with sales as both teams are closely involved in multiple stages across the path to purchase.

In this recorded keynote from Mumbrella's B2B Marketing Summit in Sydney 2019, Justin Cannon, CEO & Cofounder of Cooperate, explains how to build actionable customer journeys that are designed to achieve your business objectives, and execute all of your global marketing activity and sales enablement through this framework to deliver better results from your marketing investment.

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