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Your guide to setting up Content Marketing Service Packs

Your guide to setting up Content Marketing Service Packs

This is part 2 of the Cognitives guide to Pricing for Content Marketing Agencies. Read Part 1 here.

The service packs a client takes up are designed to be the customisation to thier subscription. certain clients might take up all of them, others might take up a few over time. Your job is to ensure there are clear lines of graduation in each service offering as a client grows. This will provide you with the coveted net expansion revenue prized by so many investors. Basically if your clients are graduating up the curve of subscriptions, you could literally stop chasing new work and still grow monthly billings (MRR).

Content marketing agencies typically offer services mapped to the 4 areas of content: strategy, production, distribution and measurement.

Content Strategy

The basics of content strategy are simple: define what needs to be done, where the company needs to get to (audience, leads, engagement goals), define how to get there, and then clearly define a measurement of success and performance feedback. The below plans act as a starting point for an agency content strategy offer.

Content Production

Depending on the client and your internal resources you can expand or contract your production service packs as you need. Every agency should offer the base level of content that you can source from distributed content networks. Each one of these packs can be scaled on volume terms and you can work in efficiencies to each pack as the volume goes up.


Content Distribution

The hub and spoke nature of building an audience for brands and organisations means there is a strong revenue stream in the distribution and scheduling of content. Much of this can be done natively in the cognitives platform.

Content Measurement

Measurement of content ROI is key for any content marketing activity. This can be done using a range of tools. If your client is using an inbound marketing platform like Hubspot or Pardot, then they have a propensity to pay more than other clients. Keep in mind the tech stack that goes into this activity - GA and Cognitives Insights at the lower end, Adobe or other platforms like track maven at the top end.

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