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How to sell your platform - Basic Blog

How to sell your platform - Basic Blog

This guide will give you a step by step guide to how to sell a blog on subscription to your clients.

Cognitives, and your white label version, is a leading blogging platform. You can run your clients blog and sell your services in platform driving leads and delivering business results for your clients.

What are you selling

Most clients have a blog. Most of the time it sucks. You can instantly create value if you come in and say the following:

  1. I can provide you a blog that grows audience and leads 
  2. It will look great
  3. It takes hours not weeks to deploy and take live
  4. It won't disrupt your existing website
  5. It will leverage your existing content creation from social media to build audience (via the social funnel).

These are the key selling messages to open the conversation. If you would like more sales support for your agency check out this blog post.

How To Sell It

To  actually sell a managed blog to a client, you need the following: a price, a sub-domain, and social content.

1. Price: Charge $250 USD per month to manage it on your platform. You can set this up using the subscription billing engine. Don't charge an upfront fee as this will turn them off the key hook which is the immediate launch potential of the Cognitives platform.

2. Sub-domain: Set the blog up on (or whatever the clients website url is). This way it is easy to set up. If you host the DNS great, otherwise just go to the domains page of the platform (once it is on a paid plan) and you can get the server details to set up the DNS details. Hit up the support desk if you need help on this any time.

3. Social: Offer to curate social content in the social funnel as part of this deal. That is a quick way for you to offer value, but wont take more than 5 mins every week or so. Then make sure you offer other services through your agency subscription billing engine to make sure there is an easy way for you to earn more revenue from the client.

Example - Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery are a pet care and dog snack company based in Kansas. Their blog is looking a bit old and it could do so much more. The power of social content and UGC around people's dogs is ripe for them to leverage in their own social content blog.

The Pitch Site

In addition to the actual pitch detail above, a good demo site showing the power of the platform should be sent over to the client to demonstrate the power of the platform.

You can quickly pull in social content relevant to the category that your client wants to blog about, giving them a rich socially dynamic blog.
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