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How To Measure Potential Sales Opportunities On Your Website

How To Measure Potential Sales Opportunities On Your Website

Metrics for tracking potential (and lost) revenue can be tricky. We can easily calculate the attrition percentage and dollar value of existing clients who churn but what about the potential clients who come to your website and don't convert? This is the important metric that we count as potential revenue.

This figure is more important for your future growth. It highlights the weaknesses in your website and sales funnel. A healthy website converts 5-10% of its traffic to leads. Your ability to convert these enquiries to clients and whether or not you should be personally onboarding new clients in a SaaS model is another story.

If your website isn’t measuring up to these figures, here are a few ways to analyze the deficit. Firstly, and most obviously, are you getting enough visitors to ensure your conversions are significant? Is your content marketing plan up to scratch and working towards a coherent SEO goal? Are you converting from social media channels? These are all important considerations. After all, if you have no traffic, you have no conversions. If your traffic is low, read up on the basics of content marketing and start driving people to your site.

Next, strap on your UX hat and assess your website. Extract data from Google analytics and figure out where the drop offs are happening and why that might be. Are your forms intuitive? Does your site architecture flow well? Are you leading with strength on the home page? User experience plays a big role not only in converting on your site but in your search engine rankings. Use resources like heat and click maps to track where your visitors’ eyes are travelling and dropping off.

Finally, take a hard look at your onboarding process. The process of SaaS onboarding is dramatically different than a standard agency process. It takes a little tweaking at the start, but once you’ve worked out all the bugs you should see fewer drop-offs down the pointy end of the sales funnel.

Once you’ve finished trouble-shooting your site, there are many ways to measure potential. In fact, we’ve developed a calculator to do the heavy lifting for you. It’ll help you understand your potential revenue increase and gauge the health of your site’s conversion rate. Start using the leads opportunity calculator for digital agencies and optimize your website opportunities.

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