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How to be a SaaS agency: Automation, Productization and Process

How to be a SaaS agency: Automation, Productization and Process

The SaaS model brings with it a wealth of opportunity for your agency. Moving away from project-based workflows to subscription services means stability, growth, and revenue. But making the change does require some planning and resources.

When transitioning your agency, you need to ensure you’ve thought about some key considerations. There are three pillars that are crucial to the subscription agency model framework. These are agency automation, productization, and process.


Automation means saving time on day-to-day, resource-guzzling tasks. SaaS agencies are all about automating pain-points within workflows. This means more resources, faster deliverables, and happier clients. You’ll find that convincing clients to sign up to your SaaS agency long-term is easier when workflows run smoothly.

You need to think about automating every aspect of your agency. Start with on-boarding. How easy is it for your prospective clients to sign up? Can they fill in an easy-to-use form or do they need to go through a confusing process? There’s a range of strategies and tools that can help you automate your on-boarding, an essential step in increasing agency revenue.

You can also look at automating specific deliverables and comms within your standard agency processes. Seek to identify any trouble areas you have within your work-flows and go from there. Templates, forms and standardised processes are key to plugging these gaps. What’s more, your staff will find that automation will leave them with extra time for client relations and upselling. It’s a win-win!


Having a clear product selection and position within your market is key to SaaS agency success. By this, we mean carefully thinking about your agency’s place within the market, your product price, and offering. The key lies in simplifying your agency’s offering by selecting only a small yet specific product range.

You should package this offering in a way that's easy to consume. Is it clear to potential clients what the service is? Can they buy and utilise your service without hand-holding and guidance? Remember, SaaS is about reducing contact time with clients. If your product or service is confusing and requires extensive client contact hours, you may need to review and tweak your offering.

A lot of this comes down to how you communicate the benefits of your agency and its service from the start. Be clear in your communication.

Whilst productization is about simplifying your agency offering to factory-like processes, you need to make sure you retain value. You want to strike the balance between automation and a tight product package, yet have it feel tailored to the client’s needs at the same time. This means features such as automated personalised emails, and editable quotes. Retaining the human element to productization is essential.


The final piece in the SaaS puzzle is ensuring you have a refined agency process and workflow. Automation and productization play big roles in this. But you’ve also got to think about clear graduation lines between service offerings and plans.

Sure, every agency has processes. But SaaS agencies have to focus on establishing clear processes to limit time wastage. By this we mean identify clear packages for clients with identifiable tiers. With a restricted number of offerings, you’ll have no choice but to work to ensure that they function like a well-oiled machine.

What’s more, keeping it simple makes it easier for your clients, too. They’ll know what to expect, when, and for how much. Your new model functions on a subscription basis. So ensuring unification and structure in your packages is key to the smooth running of your deliverables.

Final thoughts

The idea of transitioning to a SaaS model may seem daunting, but in reality SaaS is based on simplifying frameworks and modes of working.

At it’s core, SaaS works by reducing wastage. The ideas of agency automation, productization and simplifying processes can have a huge impact on your revenue and client-base. Each can contribute to the success of an effective subscription based agency model.   

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