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Automation for Marketing Agencies: Improving Agency Workflows

Automation for Marketing Agencies: Improving Agency Workflows

So much of the success of the SaaS model relies on our ability to automate processes. From onboarding to the delivery of work, the efficient running of a SaaS agency is vital to its growth. The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. With an ever-increasing number of tools emerging, improving agency work just got a whole lot easier.

So, what tools do you use to automate your agency and adopt a subscription business model? Read up on our technology and software round up of the best tools to achieve a semi-automated and efficient agency workflow.

Getting Started

Nothing loses clients faster than inefficient processes and missed deadlines. Building an automation tech stack for your agency can help ease pain points in your workflow. And if you’re hoping to grow your business in a scalable way, automation is key. Integrating automation into your processes allows you to improve efficiency and profit margins.

To get started, create a service design flow of your typical client deliverables. From there, identify the most labour intensive areas and automate these processes first. We’d also suggest using simple tools over complex solutions, like using Google Sheets rather than CRM systems. This means less training time, and most of your team will easily be able to jump in when needed.

So, how do the tools within your stack fit together? You’ll be able to easily visualise the stack by creating documentation for each automated task. We recommend doing this in a program like Read Me. When thinking this process through, it’s important to ask yourself what the must haves are, rather than the nice to haves. Use your completed documentation to retrain train your staff and encourage efficiency.

Platforms within the Stack

There are many platforms that would be useful within a content automation tech stack. Typically, platforms fall under four major categories. Automation, planning, production, and distribution. For an inbound or sales oriented agency, CRM and sales automation are the big ones.


Automation platforms are a must in any SaaS tech stack. They ensure efficiency, and tie all your other programs together. Forget housing data in siloed platforms. Tools like Zapier and IFTTT will help connect your programs and save you time. Whilst you may find yourself having to pay for the best tools on the market, there are some useful options that come free of charge.

Planning & Production & Distribution

There are hundreds of tools on the market for the planning, production, and distribution stages. Like we mentioned earlier, keeping it simple is key. For automation, store spreadsheets on Google Drive. Make use of an all-in-one marketing calendar like CoSchedule. Free options of these tools provide you with the basics. If it works for you, consider investing in the paid version. With the hours you save, the tools will quickly pay for themselves. Inside the Cognitives platform are extensive automation options for content distribution too.

There are also programs that help with the automation of specific tasks or processes. Check out Unbounce for landing page creation. Gravity Forms and Typeform help with form/questionnaire creation. Use PowToon to create animated videos or presentations. If you're outsourcing content, learn to love third party freelance hubs. Both Content Runner and Scripted can help streamline outsourcing.

CRM and Sales Automation

Customer relationship management (CRM) and sales management involve processes that need automation. Traditionally, only big businesses with big budgets could afford CRM systems. More recently, the popularity of CRM and sales automation has made streamlining this process more achievable for SMEs. It's also brought the cost down. Our favourite pick is Agile CRM a powerful CRM that won’t break the bank.

Putting it Together

So now you’ve got your tools, it’s time to think about how they all fit together. Practice makes perfect here, and no agency works in the same way. Finding your secret sauce may take some trial and error, but there are a few processes every content agency should think about:

  • Typical automation flows for your agency;

  • Client sign-up processes;

  • Billing clients;

  • Content approval automation;

  • Scheduling distribution of content.

If you’ve ticked the above off, you’re on the right track to improve your agency’s workflows, and immerse your agency into the subscription agency model.  

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