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Guide to content production service packs

Guide to content production service packs

Creating content service packs is one thing, making the delivery process easy is another. As a SaaS agency, you have the power to do just this – by breaking down your individual offerings into content production service packs.

What you offer in each pack depends on the client and your internal resources. So the best thing to do is create a base level – e.g. a certain amount of products per month at a specific price. This should reflect a price point that’s feasible for both of you. Then as your client’s needs change, you simply build packs to reflect this. To give you an idea, let’s run through the types of packs you can create, and how to execute them.

Blogs and articles

Whether your client is a small business or an international organisation, creating blogs and articles will always play a huge part in their content marketing strategy. If you’re offering one SEO-optimised article per month to your client, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

How much should you charge per piece?

There’s no set rule. But we will say that if you’re working with a third party service, they should take home no more than 30-40% of your total profit.

We recommend a starting point for a high quality, optimised piece of content should be $300 USD for 1000 words. If you include embedded content, infographics and design as well this can be higher.

Where can you find good freelancers?

If you need to outsource, make sure you do your homework (this goes for all types of freelancers). Referrals are a good place to start, so simply ask around your network. A quick LinkedIn or Google search will also give you a host of options, as will posting an ad on sites like Craigs List, Upwork, Simply Hired and Monster Jobs. If you like a particular blog or article you’ve read, you can even approach the writer directly. When you’ve found the right person, treat them the way you would any other member of your staff – a great freelancer can save you time, money and plenty of headaches.

To get the most out of your writers, make sure your briefs are clear (due date, SEO specifications, target audience, brand voice, main message, and suggested content). Content Marketing Institute have written up a great index to marketing templates and use these examples from Digital Balance and McGuire Editorial to get you started.

What about content marketplaces?

The big benefit of content marketplaces is that you’ll not only find quality writers, you’ll have the tools to manage them too. Sites like Freelancer, BKA Content, Scripted, Newsmodo, and Prozely can connect you with all types of professional writers – often at a cheaper rate.


A great webinar is like a great movie – inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking. For some clients, they’re the perfect way to stand out from the online crowd. As a start, your basic service pack should include one webinar per month. How much you charge depends on the client, but make sure you’re covering the cost of things like scriptwriting, research and hosting technology.

Just like hiring writers, you can find freelance webinar producers on general online marketplaces like Freelancer, Upwork and Guru. Better still, if you have someone in-house with the right expertise, you can use hosting platforms like Google+ Hangouts, Adobe Connect, and Cisco Webex.


From animations and interviews to case studies and product demonstrations – the world of video marketing is huge. While it’s certainly not as cheap as creating blogs, there are still ways to curb the costs.

To begin with, your basic service pack should include one video per month. How you price this depends on the type, quality and length of the video. If you need to outsource, you can find freelance videographers in the same way you would writers. But if you’re looking to narrow the field a little, head to marketplaces like Crew Scout, VeedMe, Wooshii, Videopixie and Filmzu.

Interactive infographics

It’s no secret – people love visual content. Static infographics still do a great job in content marketing, but if your client wants to take it to the next level, interactive infographics are the way to go.

Unless you’re employing an in-house designer or developer with skills in HTML5, CSS, or JavaScript, chances are you’ll have to outsource. Going through design agencies can be expensive, but you’ll find quality freelancers through referrals, job postings, and general online marketplaces. You can also use industry-specific sites like and Topcoder.


These days, every marketer knows the value of an ebook. So let’s say your service pack includes one ebook a month using existing content. How do you roll this out?

The truth is, it’s no small job. Even if you’ve got the content ready to go, you might not have someone in-house who can design one. One way around this is to develop some basic templates for your agency, or download free ones from companies like Hubspot. Otherwise, it’s worth hiring a freelance designer. Look for them in the same way you would writers, or head to marketplaces like, 99 Designs, and DesignCrowd.

The better the pack, the greater the revenue

Creating the right content service packs might take a while. Like we said, it depends on who your clients are and what resources you have. But once they start taking shape, and your client’s start seeing the benefits, you will too.

When it comes to outsourcing, here’s our final tip. Make sure you take notice of the little things too – like admin. Time slippage can come from anywhere, and you might find that you can outsource menial tasks to a virtual assistant.  

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