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Our guide to content distribution services for agencies

Our guide to content distribution services for agencies

By this point, you’re on board with SaaS-ifying your agency. You’ve decided ditching the pitching makes sense, and stable revenue sounds great. Now it’s time to break down your services into thematic (and irresistible) packs.

To narrow the focus, let’s tackle one piece of the pie for agencies – content distribution. Each of your clients has different needs, so it’s important to offer tiered distribution service packs – from the basic to the more complex. Here’s our rundown on what constitutes each level, and what you should be including in both.

The right pack for the right client

We all know that content marketing is more than just providing value. It’s about delivering content to the people who’ll find it valuable. Your clients will be at different stages in their journey. Some will need to build an audience through basic development strategies. Others will be ready to generate wider engagement through amplification. The fact is, distribution strategy isn’t a one-size-fits-all type deal. And that’s the beauty of offering a basic and professional content distribution pack.

Your basic content distribution pack

Before your client starts engaging with their audience, they actually need one first. This is what your basic content distribution pack is for. The question is – what should you be offering?

The main thing here is core social network distribution. That is, pushing content out onto integral platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It's an expectation for businesses to perform on social media these days. This pack is a starting point for businesses to get on the bandwagon.

It’s also the best way to start building brand awareness and engage in a two-way dialogue with consumers. But to keep the ball rolling, you should offer methods of maximising your client’s organic reach. We’re talking about scheduled interaction, follow-up re-posting, and monthly performance reporting. Trust us, it’s a killer combo. And it will give you the insight you need to build your client’s audience.

Your professional content distribution pack

Let’s say your client has found their audience. They’re feeding great content to the right people. And you know what platforms work best for them. So what now? Time to take it up a notch.

With your professional pack, you should extend your social distribution services beyond Facebook and Twitter.

This means using platforms like:

  • Pinterest;
  • Youtube or Vimeo
  • Slideshare;
  • Soundcloud;
  • Tumblr;
  • Flickr;
  • Instagram; and
  • LinkedIn.

However, the biggest difference (and selling point) is amplification. From targeted hashtags to participating in external communities, here are examples of good amplification:

  • Facebook and groups. Using hashtags on Facebook makes it easier for your client’s audience to find their content. They can also be used to amplify products, campaigns and events, or contribute to topical conversations. Joining Facebook groups is a great way to share your client’s content, comment on posts, and interact with like-minded communities.

  • LinkedIn Pulse and groups. LinkedIn Pulse can act like a professional extension of your client’s brand. It’s a great platform to publish timely and original content, engage industry influencers, and connect with a huge network hungry for quality content. Like Facebook, LinkedIn groups are perfect for sharing, commenting, and interacting.

  • Quora. People pose questions on Quora about everything. Literally. But where there are questions, there are also opportunities for answers. Giving thoughtful responses helps establish your client’s credibility. In turn, this opens up avenues to distribute relevant content.

  • Medium. Medium prioritises quality, themed content. So if your client has something interesting to say, it’s guaranteed the right people will see it. It’s an awesome platform for distributing bold content, generating organic reach, and positioning your client as an industry leader.

As with your basic pack, consistency and measurement is key. Whatever platforms you use, make sure to offer scheduled amplification and monthly reporting. Using social media management and analysis tools will also help identify high-performing hashtags. And it will give solid data on the best timings for distribution, and the life span of content. Timing is everything, after all.

Grow your client’s revenue (and yours too)

Building and maximising an audience takes time and effort. That’s why splitting up your content distribution services is smart. By offering tiered packs, you’re building revenue as your client grows.

Keep in mind that transitioning into a SaaS agency doesn’t happen overnight. So creating the ‘perfect’ distribution packs might take a while. But don’t fret. Experimenting is the best way to understand your client’s needs. And once you’ve nailed this, you’ll nail your distribution strategies.   

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