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Ebook - How to run your agency & deliver services on subscription.

At Cognitives we believe in the power of the subscription based business model for agencies - that is why we built a subscription billing platform right into our content marketing stack.

We have created a series of content that helps you transition to this model. Pricing strategies and ways to think about your business differently.

Next up, is the how to.

Ebook - How to execute the agency business model

We thought we would do the research and legwork and present to you a guide for actually executing a subscription based model. Not just how to set it up, or set pricing, as we have covered in the past.

But actually how to deliver your services on a subscription basis.

In this Ebook we cover:

- Guide to selling and delivering content strategy, production and other services

- Automation for agencies to increase margins

- How to build a SaaS style on boarding for your clients

And more.

Download here free.

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