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Top Content Marketers Talk Building an Audience

Top Content Marketers Talk Building an Audience

You probably already know that content should be a key element of your marketing strategy.

Not only can content marketing bring new potential customers to your brand in a more organic way than traditional advertising, but it is also less expensive -- content marketing can cost up to 62 percent less than traditional marketing methods.

Yet just creating massive amounts of content and publishing it to your website and social networks isn't enough for that content to be effective.

The main goal of content marketing is to use your brand's knowledge and resources to attract ideal leads who already are or will be in the market for your product or service.

That audience is at the heart of a content strategy that works -- without them, your content won't advance your business.

How do you use content marketing to build an audience of loyal, well-qualified customers that are engaged with your brand?

Experts in the field of content marketing have some advice on strategies that work.

Focus Obsessively on Your Audience's Needs -- Brian Clark

Copyblogger founder Brian Clark readily admits that his business plan was minimal when he started the site.

What he did have was a dedication to thorough market research and commitment to serving his audience above everything else. Through an unrelenting focus on that audience, Clark was able to continue to build an eventually huge following.

At the same time, he could use the added information from these new customers to fine-tune his content even more to meet their needs.

Start With Consistent Content -- Joe Pulizzi

It takes time to build a core audience, potentially even years, but the slow, consistent route is the sustainable way to draw an audience that will last and grow over time.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, suggests this formula for your content base and the resulting audience base: one content type, one main platform, with consistent delivery over a long period of time.

Visitors will return to your website knowing they can expect to receive high-quality content that is relevant to them.

Merge SEO With Human-focused Content -- Neil Patel

Naturally, SEO should be a key factor in your content marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization is what determines whether or not your content will be found when your ideal customers are looking for information related to your product or service.

However, focusing too much on SEO results in issues like keyword stuffing and excessive links, which turn off an audience quickly.

Instead, Neil Patel suggests using SEO best practices but putting the emphasis in your content on what will help your leads and customers -- in a language that works for them.

Go Beyond Answers to Insights -- Mark Schaefer

One of the keys to a successful content marketing strategy is in having the type of content that no one else has, making you the only source for your customers.

Especially in very crowded industries, simply using your content pieces to answer common questions means you have the same content as all of your competitors. Mark Schaefer encourages marketers to instead use "bolder and more insightful content types" such as case studies and unique content formats that can only come from your brand.

Even with so much information and content available on the internet, it's still very possible to build an engaged, devoted audience through content marketing.

As the experts suggest, focusing on your audience, being consistent in your content, blending SEO with human-focused content, and going beyond answers to insights is how to make your content strategy bring you that larger audience base.

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