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Tips for Actually Building an Audience With Your Content

Tips for Actually Building an Audience With Your Content

If you're a company trying to harness the power of the internet in order to build your audience, content marketing is an important strategy. After all, compared to tactics like paid search, content marketing has been shown to get three times the leads per dollar spent.

However, content marketing can feel frustrating -- and fruitless -- if you aren't careful about how you approach it.

Because content marketing is such a cost-effective and successful marketing technique, the market is saturated with content, which means it can make it hard for yours to get noticed. If you actually want to build an audience with your content, read the following tips.

They can offer you some guidance to make sure the money, hours and energy you're putting into your marketing efforts actually get seen and consumed by people browsing the web.

Optimize It for Search Using Keywords

If you just create content and throw it out there on the web, there's not a good chance the people you want to see it are going to see it.

Instead, make sure it comes up in relevant search results by optimizing it for search. Incorporate relevant keywords into the text, subheadings, alt tags and more to ensure that your page comes up at the top of search results.

By optimizing your page for search, you boost the chances it's going to get discovered by someone who's looking for something related to it. To find the right keywords (ones that people are actually searching for), use a tool like Google AdWords or SEMrush.

Promote It via Social Media

One great way to get content seen is by promoting it on your social media networks.

Social media is a cost-effective marketing tool because followers who see your content can share it easily and for free -- which means your reach can multiply exponentially. In order to build a social media following, follow and friend competitors, partners and similar companies, and engage with the people who follow them.

That way, your company will get noticed by people who might be interested in it, and they will start consuming your posts.

Quote or Interview Experts and Influencers

To get more exposure for your content, use the power of influential figures or experts.

Try quoting an expert in the content you write, or reach out to them and ask if you can interview them for a piece (often, email interviews are easier for busy experts). Then, let that expert or influencer know you used their information, and ask them to share what you wrote. Often, they'll be more than happy to promote your product (because you promoted them), or they'll ask you to do something else promotional for them in exchange for a boost (like write or post about a product or service they provide).

You can take advantage of the reach of influencers and experts, and have them share your work is a simple way to get it out in front of a much larger audience than only your own.

Be Consistent(ly Good)

Much like everything else in life, building an audience with your content takes time and practice.

Create and release high-quality, valuable content regularly -- write researched blogs, post entertaining social media posts and send out helpful email newsletters. Over time, people will grow to appreciate the content you share, they'll tell their friends and you'll notice that your consistency has paid off with a real audience.

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