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Top 6 Ways to Build Your Audience With Content Marketing

Top 6 Ways to Build Your Audience With Content Marketing

Content marketing has a tried-and-true track record, but as any savvy marketer knows, it isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. For optimum success, you need to tailor your content so that it resonates with every segment of your target audience. Here are six of the best ways to successfully build your audience using customised content marketing.

1. Customise Your Facebook Page

The more Facebook followers you have, the bigger your potential target audience will be -- and one way to grow your following is to create highly customised content that will not only appeal to your target demographic but also give a face and voice to your brand.

You can do this by sharing personal stories, the history of your company and lifestyle stories from people who use your products or services. In addition, you can post photos of how your product is made or distributed and invite your Facebook visitors to share their experiences with you.

By implementing tools like Static Iframe, you can use valuable customisation features, such as a call-to-action button and advanced photo/video uploading.

2. SMS subscriptions

Studies show that 98 percent of text recipients open and read the messages they receive.

With its total of 160 characters, short message service (SMS) content is quick and easy to read, and content can include everything from health care tips to fun facts and trivia. Links that lead to websites (or click-through conversions) can be embedded in SMS content as well, making this a powerhouse method of content marketing.

3. Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring can help you track lead generation, identify your strongest traffic times and gauge customer sentiment toward your brand.

There's a wealth of social monitoring tools available -- including Google Alerts, TweetReach and Buffer. Tools such as these not only report mentions of your brand and how far your tweets travel, but they can also monitor comments on your social media pages and identify the top keywords associated with your brand.

4. Personalise Your Content

To paraphrase an old marketing saying, if you're marketing to everyone, you're not marketing to anyone. By engaging with your customers and followers, you can learn about their lifestyles, and their likes and dislikes, and use that information to create more personalised content.

For example, offers a registry page where visitors can provide information about their baby or pregnancy. In return, they get informative articles customised to their needs. Additionally, BabyCenter's advertisers get enough information about prospective customers to target them more effectively.

5. Invest in Enterprise Content Platform Software

Content platform software provides organisational tools that facilitate production, strategy, distribution and analytics. A content platform can replace spreadsheets, simplify data processing and enable teams from different departments to collaborate seamlessly.

For optimum results, a multi-channel enterprise content marketing platform (such as Cognitives) can be used to streamline content management from creation to distribution.

6. Email Subscriptions

With all the attention given to social media strategies, email is still king when it comes to marketing. In fact, 174 percent more conversions are generated by email marketing than by social media campaigns.

Email can provide a cost-effective content hub that's capable of reaching a large target audience.

One of the best ways to successfully capture email subscriptions from visitors to your site is to employ entry or exit popups. These innocuous boxes can also feature attractive offers -- such as coupons or a free newsletter -- to new subscribers. Of course, it's also crucial to provide engaging content that appeals to your target demographic, and the more interesting you make your emails/newsletters, the fewer unsubscribe requests you'll receive.

By expanding your social media presence and customising your content, you can reach a larger audience for your brand. In addition, by investing in a few software tools, you can garner -- and leverage -- valuable information from your target audience base.

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