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4 Tips For Building an Audience as a Publisher

4 Tips For Building an Audience as a Publisher

If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to see it or hear it, does it actually fall? This introduction to philosophical brain teasers is one lots of content publishers should grapple with, because it asks a question they need an answer to. Because if you create content, but no one ever comes to your website to see it, does that content exist?

Yes, obviously. But it won't be getting you any attention, page views, or followers, so it might as well not. That's why if you're a publisher, it pays to have a strategy in place to make sure you gain the biggest audience you can. Whether your strategy is still being planned, or it's been deployed and could use a few tweaks, these tips can work wonders for your numbers.

4 Tips For Building an Audience as a Publisher

Tip #1: Stay on Message

It's a natural urge, as a publisher, to try to broaden your message to include as many people as possible. After all, you want to have the biggest possible audience looking at the content you create. It's important to remember that a narrow blast of shotgun pellets is deadly, but if you spread that blast, it will become ineffective after a point. That's why you need to decide what your message is, the audience you're trying to reach, and the niche you're carving out. Once you know that, focus on it, and resist the temptation to try to bring everyone under your banner.

Tip #2: Be Easy To Find

Is your website easy to remember? Is your company's name something that sticks in the memory? Are your content titles punchy, and do they show up on the first page of search results? These are the sorts of questions you should be concerned about. The harder you are to find, the less likely someone is to stumble across your content, and decide they like it. While it might cost you a little money to buy an official website, the value of having a name like instead of something that's over 70 characters long may very well be worth the investment.

Tip #3: Don't Create, Then Leave

There are a lot of authors out there who think they're job is to write books. While that is the most important part of an authors job, since they have nothing to sell if they don't have any books, that's just the first step on the road to success. The author also has to market their books, arranging signings, writing promotional blogs, showing up to interviews, and generally trying to make as many people aware of their work as possible.

Content creation is similar. You can't just write brilliant content, then leave it on the Internet hoping someone will come along to find it. Part of your job is promoting that content, and making sure to spread the word about it. With luck you'll hook the interest of an audience, and the bigger your audience gets, the more of this work they'll do for you. But until then, you have to promote your content yourself.

Tip #4: Be Consistent

People like consistency. When they get used to something, that's how they want it to stay. Content creation is particularly important in this regard. If you bring out new content on Mondays and Fridays, then people are going to expect to see new stuff on those days. A smart content creator will build up a bit of a backlog, and set the publications to go up automatically on those dates. You can also do this with social media posts, which allows you to keep a round in the chamber, so to speak, in case something comes up and your time gets stretched thin.

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