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Intrigue Summit - The Death of 'Content Marketing'

Our Head of Services Tom Spencer manned a panel on Content Marketing at the recent Intrigue Summit in Melbourne, along with industry leaders from Australia Post, ConvaTec and Bupa. 

As part of the panel Matt Allison, Head of Global Content Strategy from Bupa elaborates on how he foresees the end of Content Marketing as a stand-alone marketing channel.

Matt says "I look at traditional content marketing (what most of us have been doing over the years) and I think it's almost dead, or in it's death throes. For me it's around how do we leverage content across paid, earned and owned channels -- not just leverage but integrate it -- so that we're taking a holistic view of the customer and how we engage and nurture those customer journeys." 

He also provides an insight into how they're integrating this into Bupa's global marketing strategy. 

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