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Get the whole picture, with DOMO + Cooperate

Get the whole picture, with DOMO + Cooperate

Cooperate is excited to announce their new global partnership with DOMO, the leading business intelligence platform (and one of America's fastest-growing software companies listed on the NASDAQ).

Over the past two years, we have spoken to hundreds of marketers across Australia and there have been three big challenges we hear all of the time. 

1. You need to create more personalised customer journeys at scale
2. You can't get the visibility and collaboration needed to deliver on personalisation
3. You can't see how your marketing is performing across all channels from one place

These challenges are the reason we partnered with DOMO.

While the Cooperate platform helps you solve the first two challenges by managing your marketing operations - plugging into a BI platform like DOMO enables you to see the whole picture so you can clearly demonstrate marketing's contribution to the bottom line.

Holistic marketing reporting closes the circle

One of the main barriers to delivering on the dream of personalisation is the struggle to get visibility over how all of your marketing channels are working, and how performance relates to your customer's journey and persona set.

Not only is this a large and complex picture to pull together, but the data for each channel is also usually held in a siloed software platform (like email marketing automation or paid social ads) - resulting in a number of different reports that need to be collated together.

If you don't have a holistic view across all marketing performance, you're missing the whole picture. And what's worse, if you can't get a single view of all of your data then you're likely making decisions without all of the facts. It's like trying to hit a target in the dark.

Bringing marketing operations and your data together

Getting a holistic view over your marketing operations is a challenge we solve for many Australian brands, as the bottlenecks caused by the volume of content needed to feed automation and personalisation platforms continues to increase. In the Cooperate platform our reporting has been focused on optimising internal operations, helping brands to produce the content they require at scale and achieve more with less.

But optimising marketing operations is only one side of the coin, marketers need to know how the marketing content they are producing at scale is performing - and this has continued to be an uphill battle. While some marketers have data models already in place for us to connect to, we found that most did not. 

So we took that as a challenge we could help solve.

As we all know, reporting on marketing attribution across multiple channels is a complex nut to crack. This was not something we could solve for our clients by simply adding in new features to the Cooperate platform itself, we needed a master. We looked for a business intelligence platform that could provide our clients with the marketing data they needed in real-time, so they could finally get actionable insights and clearly demonstrate marketing's contribution to the bottom line.

That's when we found DOMO. 

Everything in one place

As marketers we have enough on our plate without the added struggle of sifting through piles of reports and data, so being able to get visibility over all marketing operations and performance from one place was pivotal. 

With DOMO partnership our clients can now access all of the marketing performance reports, insights and charts they need across all channels, directly from the Cooperate platform. Bringing all of your people, processes, content and reporting into one centralised location. 

If you'd like to learn more simply Request a Demo today.

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