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10 Awesome Aussie Content Marketing Examples

10 Awesome Aussie Content Marketing Examples

When it comes to shining examples of brands winning at content marketing, the majority of those we see highlighted online come out of the US and UK - but there are plenty of fantastic examples closer to home. We've pulled together some of the best examples of content marketing currently coming out of Australia, and we think you'll be just as impressed as we were.

ANZ Bluenotes

One of the best know examples from our shores has to be ANZ Bluenotes - a publishing venture launched by ANZ in 2014 and produced by the "ANZ Newsroom", a team of three including former Australian Financial Review journalist Andrew Cornell.

ANZ head of corporate communications Paul Edwards says the establishment of the website was driven by cutbacks and changes in the media landscape. “Traditional media is shrinking,” he says. “There simply aren’t enough journalists to cover all the topics we want to cover from our business point of view.”

For ANZ this content strategy was an opportunity to directly engage with the business world, the broader community and their staff. They recognised that brands today not only need to tell their story online, they have to make a wider contribution by joining and facilitating broader sets of conversations in society through news, insights and analysis. And at the same time they have to produce content that is both relevant and compelling to their audience.

It's a strategy that looks to be working too - with 100,000 visits to their site a month, and over 40% of those from the Australian market, ANZ are seeing strong uptake and connection from their target audience. 

Intrepid Travel

From it's humble beginnings in 1989, Intrepid Travel has certainly come a long way - now taking 100,000 travellers on trips across the globe each year. Intrepid has always had a clear brand mission, focusing on responsible travel, small groups and very (very) big adventures.

The Journal is Intrepid's travel focused content hub, sharing deep and emotive stories from travellers, staff and associations like WWF. Covering a range of topics from lighthearted tips, funny experiences, and city must do's to commentary on climate change and responsible travel, The Journal is clearly aligned with Intrepid's brand mission. 

One of the strongest elements of The Journal's content marketing strategy is the use of original traveller stories, leveraging the cognitive surplus and experiences of the thousands of travellers that Intrepid connects with each year, and publishing the best of these stories under the Intrepid brand to drive deeper connections with their audience. 

Intrepid has been highly successful in building a community of fans, followers and brand advocates, all aligned with the brands core mission - with over 400,000 followers on it's Facebook page, 86,000 followers on Twitter, and has now started moving in to video content with over 450,000 views on YouTube. High-quality and emotive content has been at the core of Intrepid's success when it comes to building a strong and loyal community, and it looks like it their community is set to continue to grow.

Lorna Jane

Women's activewear brand Lorna Jane has gone from strength to strength, and so has it's content marketing. Their stand-alone content site is built upon the brands active living philosophy; Move Nourish Believe, and is tightly focused on delivering content that provides value to their target audience - rather than on promoting the Lorna Jane product line.

While the site has a wide range of content, including healthy eating, skincare, lifestyle, motivation, and recipes to profiles of Lorna Jane's 'active living advocates' - all of the content aligns closely to the brand's core philosophy and is crafted to be both emotive and inspirational.  

It's a strategy that the audience appreciates - with up to 200,000 visits to their site a month, and over 40% of those from the Australian market, Lorna Jane has tapped into a strong and loyal community. 


As Australia's largest ISP it's no surprise that Telstra has an entire division dedicated to media and digital publishing, aptly named Telstra Media. Whilst this example definitely falls into the realms of brand publishing rather than content marketing, it's a fascinating example of what can be achieved with the right media and content partnerships.

In collaboration with leading media companies such as Sky News, AFL, NRL, Foxtel and Apple Music the telecommunications giant provides its online audience with access to the latest news, sport, movies and lifestyle content all from a single location.

This focus on high-quality content curation (via partnerships) has definitely worked for them, with Telstra Media averaging 50 million page views every month. This shows that sometimes simply making the right content available to your audience can be more valuable than a focus on original content creation.


HBF Health Insurance

As one of Western Australia's oldest and largest private health insurer's, HBF is an unlikely choice for an award winning content marketing platform - but that's what HBF has achieved, with their latest content marketing venture Direct Advice for Dads (DAD). To differentiate themselves from their competitors HBF has focused on the young family market - by launching a digital publication targeted specifically at young dads. 

While there is a tonne of content online aimed at young mum's, HBF realised that the young dad market suffered from a massive lack of content and identified this a golden opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Standing out is something DAD does very well, winning three top level awards at the recent Content Marketing Awards in the US - including Best Content Driven Website.

DAD's editorial mission is on real-life advice, sense and nonsense from dads who've been there, done it, and are wearing the spewed on t-shirt. And whilst HBF is the driving force behind the site their branding throughout the site itself is minimal, putting all of the focus on the content and on delivering value to their audience.

As DAD launched only recently we are yet to see how this site stacks up in respect to audience traffic, but we have high expectations for success. (REA)

Whilst millions of Australians use every day to look at property listings, REA quickly identified an additional content publishing opportunity - with buyers regularly turning to REA for general property advice such as; what to do when moving homes, finding the right agent, and investing in property. 

To meet this opportunity head on REA launched Lifestyle - a content driven area of their site focused on news, ideas and inspiration for homes and properties. To deliver content that talks locally, to a national audience, REA works closely with their agency customers, journalists and bloggers around the country, in addition to regular conversations with their consumers on social media.

REA has been clear about its long term strategy - to move out of it's listing heritage and become the go-to site for property-related information and experiences. To deliver on their content aspirations REA is focused on increasing their internal content capabilities.

"Content is a massive part of marketing but we weren’t weighted enough in that area,” Amanda Chase (REA's CMO) said last year “We’re getting more subject matter experts, journalists and multimedia individuals to build out REA’s publishing platform.”


Aussie accounting software company MYOB has had some hard hits over past years, with new competitors such as Xero fighting for market share. To establish a deeper connection to the small business market MYOB launched The Pulse - focused on delivering 'must read' content for the small business market throughout Australia.

The Pulse provides "news, views and ideas for your business", written by an internal content team and staff from across MYOB, leveraging subject matter experts where possible to deliver practical insights and opinions for business owners. Rather than focus tightly on accounting or tax, The Pulse has a broad content approach - tackling all relevant small business subjects with the aim to become the thought leader in the Australian small business space.

However while their social game is doing ok, with over 70,000 followers on Facebook, 16,000 followers on Twitter (with 900 followers on the specific @MYOBPulse handle) and over 100,000 views on YouTube - compared to Xero (who has been content focused since their inception over a decade ago), MYOB definitely has some chasing to do when it comes to building a strong online community.

Melbourne University

Universities around the world are leading the charge when it comes to innovative content marketing. Pursuit, the latest offering by the University of Melbourne is a stand-alone publishing venture focused specifically on cutting-edge research and expert commentary that explores the wide breadth of the university's research undertakings. 

In a similar move to that of HBR in 2009, the University of Melbourne has brought in strong publishing experience to run the publication - in the form of Phillip Gardner, the former Herald Sun editor-in-chief.

Since the launch 18 months ago the Pursuit site gets almost 100k visits a month, with over 50% of those from the Australian market, proving that universities have strong content game.

PWC Australia

Over the past decade we have seen many innovative changes from what were known as the 'Big Four' in accounting globally. While still one of the core services they offer, brands like PWC now provide businesses a wide range of services from legal, design, digital, and technology to provide full services options to their customers. 

Their Digital Pulse publication (driven by their digital services business arm) is a prime example of their latest innovative changes, providing their audience with actionable insights and thought leadership on digital trends, strategy, technology, innovation and disruption. Digital Pulse combines content from their internal teams with consultants and industry leaders, and is focused on facilitating digital change throughout the Australian business network.

This latest venture from PWC was launched only recently, so it is difficult to gauge it's reception to date - however as one of the first of the big four to lead with content marketing in this space in Australia, it will be interesting to see how far ahead they can remain once their competition catches on.


An iconic Aussie brand, Ripcurl have entered the content marketing space with the new The Search content site - focused on the search for the best waves. For it latest content venture Ripcurl is working with leading surfers and cinematographers to deliver the best surfing stories, images and videos from around the world.

The Search itself is a lifestyle, and an ideal. A personal quest for a lifestyle that allowed the founders of Ripcurl to surf and live by the coast. To the founders Ripcurl will always simply be a product of The Search, and this site is simply an ability for this ideal to be expressed through a new medium to surfers around the globe.

As The Search only launched this year we will have to wait and see how it's audience progresses, and with it's niche focus the site is likely to build a smaller but highly dedicated following.

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