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Infographic - Pursuit by The University of Melbourne

Infographic - Pursuit by The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne launched it's flagship content and media platform Pursuit approximately 2 years ago, originally headed up by former Herald Sun editor-in-chief Phillip Gardner. Imogen Crump (formerly of the BBC and ABC) took over the helm as Editor of Pursuit back in March 2017, leading an editorial team of six.

The launch of Pursuit followed recognition from university marketers that it can no longer publish material once a month but must provide fresh content on a daily basis.

So how is it going?

This infographic walks you through their entire content strategy - from audience engagement, to marketing mix, social engagement, and lastly their content delivery schedule. 

UPDATE: We published our original infographic on the 12th September 2017 which included results for Pursuit compiled through third party data tools and data. Since publishing we were contacted by the Pursuit editorial team who were happy to provide us with their actual internal data to ensure this infographic is a complete and correct representation of their progress. We'd like to thank the Pursuit team for sharing this information.

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