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5 Insurance Institutions Leading with Content

5 Insurance Institutions Leading with Content

When it comes to content marketing it's always the shiny and exciting consumer brands like Virgin, Coca-Cola and Red Bull that are held up as shining examples of content success.

But what really excites me are the 'boring' industries like insurance that are bringing amazing content to the table, and proving that you don't have to be a shiny brand to lead with content.

We've pulled together some of the best examples of insurance brands leading with content in Australia and beyond, and we think you'll be just as impressed as we were.

The Blue Room by Bupa

One of the leading content marketing hubs in Australia right now has to be The Blue Room -- the health-focused content hub produced by Bupa. This site is a fantastic example of a large private health insurer building their content strategy to provide deep and meaningful advice that inspires their audience to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

For Bupa's Head of Global Content Strategy, Matt Allison, their content strategy needed to be closely aligned with their business strategy, as well as delivering honest and upfront content that provides real value to their audience.

Matt put's it best -- “How do we create a (digital) hub that will let us engage with customers and talk to them about the breadth of services we offer and our skills and the like … how do we do that in a way that we’re operating like a publisher and we’re providing that utility rather than just trying to sell things?”

Whilst Bupa is a well-recognised health insurance brand in Australia, they also offered a range of other services that weren't as well known. For Bupa, The Blue Room was an opportunity to introduce their audience to the breadth of services they offer through a customer-focused content strategy.

And it seems to be working. Since their launch in May 2015 The Blue Room is getting up to 250,000 visits a month -- with 74% of those coming from organic search. The focus has been on quality over quantity, with an average of only 16 articles published per month, but over 80% of those articles produced by expert journalists from the health sector.

Health Agenda by HCF

Another Australian health insurance content play is Health Agenda -- the content hub produced by HCF.

With a slightly different approach to that taken by Bupa, Health Agenda focuses on a combination of research articles and day-to-day health tips and advice, from gene editing to nutritional recipes.

HCF actively distributes their content through social media with Facebook holding the majority of their audience at 11,600 followers -- however, when compared to Bupa's 184,000 strong Facebook following HCF still have a fair way to go in building an engaged online audience.

#GetLifeRight by iSelect

As a third-party insurance provider, rather than an owned insurance company -- iSelect can do things a bit differently.

Their content hub #GetLifeRight focuses on providing advice on all stages of life from starting out, to settling down, to embracing retirement. In addition to life advice iSelect also provides practical content on understanding insurance and organising bills and finances and prides themselves on providing expert and unbiased advice. 

iSelect have a strong social distribution strategy for their content, across a wide range of social networks; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ -- with Facebook again leading the charge for them with 88,700 followers.

Spotlight by AXA 

AXA has made content the first thing you see for their brand. Visit and the first three sections of the homepage, as well as the first menu item, are dedicated to content. 

We've seen this trend increase exponentially over the past year, with large global brands replacing the traditional brand marketing site with strategic content placement.

For AXA their content strategy is all about sharing their brand values and mission -- sharing stories from AXA staff around the world, from their predictions on the future of insurance to their experiences helping with the global refugee crisis.

With 1.4 Million visits a month to, and an average time on site of 3 minutes, this content-led brand strategy is definitely driving engagement for AXA.

Dream Fearlessly by American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance (AmFam), a Fortune 500 insurance company based out of the states, runs the Dream Fearlessly content hub.

Steering away from more typical content Dream Fearlessly focuses on helping people achieve their dreams -- whatever they might be. 

The content hub combines inspirational content from dreamers that are making things happen, to exclusive advice from business experts. In addition to articles, AmFam also offers online and in-person events to offer additional value to their audience.

A large amount of content published is user-generated article content, submitted directly through the website, and supported with relevant expert content. 

With approx. 200,000 visitors each month their strategy is working.

In Summary

When it comes to content strategy for the Insurance Industry it's easy to pigeon-hole the types of content you would expect these brands to produce. 

However what we've seen here is the breadth of topics available and the myriad ways in which different brands engage with their audience.

There is always space to be different.

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