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Infographic: The Blue Room by Bupa

Infographic: The Blue Room by Bupa

When it comes to content strategy in Australia, The Blue Room by Bupa is definitely one of the leaders.

Over the past two years, Bupa has been slowly but steadily building a strong brand newsroom. For health organisations like Bupa content comes with additional challenges, such as ensuring all content is medically and legally accurate -- and that it meets strict regulatory requirements. 

One of the main challenges Bupa faces on a daily basis is balancing high-level approval requirements with the need to produce content at speed. In an interview with Marketing Mag, Bupa's Head of Global Content Strategy Matt Allison said “From a Blue Room perspective, we’re trying to operate like a publisher as opposed to like a brand… It’s critical for us to ensure that the information is accurate but how can we do that in a streamlined fashion?”

To tackle this challenge Bupa boosts their internal content production team with an array of external content contributors, including qualified freelance journalists, bloggers and content agencies.

We thought it was time to get under the hood, and have a look at what's driving The Blue Room's content engine.

The below infographic walks you through their entire content strategy - from audience engagement to the marketing mix, social engagement, and lastly their content delivery schedule. 

UPDATE: We published our original infographic on the 12th December 2017 which included results for The Blue Room compiled by third-party data tools and data. Since publishing, we were contacted by The Blue Room team who were happy to provide us with their actual internal data to ensure this infographic is a complete and correct representation of their progress. We'd like to thank The Blue Room team for sharing this information.

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