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Five of Today's Biggest Content Marketing Success Stories

Five of Today's Biggest Content Marketing Success Stories

The numbers tell the story: When it comes to content marketing, some companies know how to nail it. Here are five of today's biggest (or most unique) success stories in content marketing.

1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has headed more than a century's worth of innovative marketing campaigns, so it's no surprise that the soft drink giant has embraced content marketing. In 2012, Coca-Cola launched "Coca-Cola Journey," a campaign encouraging consumers to share their positive life stories (all involving Coca-Cola) on its website.

By 2016, Coca-Cola Journey had posted more than 2,000 shared stories, with 70 percent of the stories containing branded content. Social media shares had reached more than 130,000 (with an average of 3,000 Facebook shares and 800 retweets per month). Coca-Cola Journey continues to be a popular attraction on the company's website, where fans can also sign up for a free "Journey" newsletter subscription.

The global audience for "Journey" consists of 59 percent millennials (18-35), split nearly equally between men and women.

2. PodLegal

Legal firms aren't typically associated with social media marketing, but PodLegal has broken the mold with an innovative content marketing campaign that includes a series of light-hearted, colourful cartoons (called "Podtoons") guaranteed to attract attention.

In addition, PodLegal owners Jamie and Karan White use Facebook and Twitter, as well as the PodLegal website, to post free ("Ask a Lawyer") legal advice and consumer-friendly content to make their law firm more accessible to the public.

With 1,520 Facebook likes and 1,945 Twitter followers, PodLegal targets urban/suburban professionals and family types who aren't especially familiar with the law but might need a lawyer someday.

3. Telstra

As Australia's largest ISP, telecommunications giant Telstra partners with media giants such as Sky News, Apple, Foxtel, NRl and AFL to offer a content-rich website packed with informative blogs and news posts.

Telstra targets 25-30 different demographics, ranging from individuals and families to corporations and government entities -- and this diverse target market is reflected in its website content, which features posts on everything from entertainment and pop culture to business management and enterprise content platform systems.

Telstra's website generates more than 1.5 million page views per day. Likewise, it has more than 852,000 Facebook likes and 81,000+ Twitter followers.

4. kikki.K

With more than 71 boutique stores across Australia, Singapore and New Zealand, mega-stationer/lifestyle retailer kikki.K has succeeded in creating an informative website that features everything from "inspiration blogs" and recipes to stylish DIY projects.

Likewise, its Facebook page boasts attractive features such as live streaming workshops, loads of seasonal DIY videos and lots of discount coupons.

With a target market of women aged 16-35, the Swedish retailer imbues its content with a stylish vibe that resonates with its audience, judging from its impressive social media numbers. These include more than 224,000 likes on Facebook, as well as 20,000+ followers on Twitter and 348,000+ followers on Instagram.

5. Commonwealth Bank

Like PodLegal, Commonwealth Bank has raised the content marketing bar within an industry not generally associated with a content hub. Its user-friendly website features a wealth of instructional videos, entertaining blogs and interactive community forums, in a style that's the internet equivalent of a friendly neighbour handshake.

Its Women in Focus initiative, which offers articles on topics ranging from financial independence to business ownership, is heavily geared toward one of Commonwealth's target demographics: successful professional women. Likewise, its Entrepreneurs Hub offers valuable advice to potential and new business owners -- budding entrepreneurs who might very well become valued financial customers.

With more than 745,000 likes on its Facebook page, 81,000+ Twitter followers and an active community forum, Commonwealth Bank attracts a mixed following of savvy professionals, families and homeowners.

By following a tradition of innovative marketing (Coca-Cola) or setting new industry boundaries (PodLegal), these firms prove that content marketing can be tailored for any business. With the help of a content marketing platform (such as Cognitives), today's businesses can be inspired by these innovators to follow their own content success stories.

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