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Brand Publishing 101 - #5 Structuring your team and resources

Brand Publishing 101 - #5 Structuring your team and resources

This article is Part 5 of our Brand Publishing 101 series - walking your through the ins and outs of setting up and kicking off a winning brand publishing strategy. So buckle in.

I know we've said this a few times during this serious - but building a brand publishing venture is hard. One of the hardest elements is changing your mindset from that of content marketing to brand publishing. This involves switching from a focus on driving leads, to a focus on building an audience and becoming a thought leader in your industry. 

One of the key differences between content marketing and brand publishing is the team structure. Adopting an editorial team structure makes success at brand publishing easier to achieve, but it often costs more that a typical content marketing team (as the reosurce requirement is higher).

What types of roles are used in publishing?

These roles can differ from publisher to publisher, but here's a high level guide to the typical roles included in editorial teams:


Responsible for the brand positioning, editorial strategy and vision. They are the long term planners and visionaries, whilst also working closely with all team members, including working with commercial and publishing to help drive sales and revenue.


Commercially focused and owns the P&L. The are responsible for the distribution deals, production costs, and all revenue (including subscriptions, membership sales and ad revenue).

Deputy Editor

Day-to-day ownership of the layout. Responsible for ensuring content is delivered to schedule, on time and to standard. They act as the Editors right hand.

Production Editor

Responsible for ensuring everything is produced on time. This often encompasses all forms of media used throughout the publishing venture.

Art Editor

Leads and manages the design team. Responsible for upholding brand values and design guidelines throughout the team.


Manages the layouts and designs of all pages, directs shoots to meet the design vision for feature images and video content.

News/Features/Section Editors

Lead smaller teams of specialist writers, and are resonsible for for the output and quality of their section.


In the field journalists working on individual articles and features.


Shoots any imagery/video content needed.

Advertising Team

Sells all advertising space available.

Production Team

Produce the adverts that the advertising team sells, and supplies them to the design team.

What does an ideal team structure look like?

The right structure for an editorial team will always be dependant on your brands particular goals, but here are some starting structures to suit different business sizes and stages looking to undertake brand publishing.

Small Business

As with any small business, building a team of adaptable and multi-skilled people is the ideal starting point for a small and nimble editorial team. Ownership of the editorial mission and overall strategy would need to be held by someone outside this team that works closely with them - usually this is the CMO or CEO/MD. 

With a small team you will need to focus on owned and earned media; leveraging your wirter and designer to create lots of different types of content, and PR skills to build key relationships and leverage existing audiences.

Medium Enterprise

When you have advantage of a larger business with more budget available, you can start to bring in more specialised roles to boost you brand publishing strategy. 

The main focus in specialised positions at this level is the increase in video and data capabilities. This allows you to create a much wider range of content for your audience, and gain better insights into who your audience actually is, how they interact with you online, and where they are coming from.

It's also at this point that you need to start focusing in on paid media - ensuring that there is a cohesive paid element to your content distribution plan.

Large Brand

For larger brands that have minimal budget restrictions there is the opportunity to build a highly specialised editorial team - to truly drive your brand publishing venture just like a publisher. For international brands you may need to include multilingual support, and look to focus on additional data specialists and establishing deeper integrations with key systems (like your CRM or inbound marketing platform).

Help when you need it

Whilst this Brand Publishing 101 guide has hopefully given you the structure of what's needed to run a winning brand publihsing strategy, puting it together can feel overwhelming.

If you need help there are plenty of fantastic content focused agencies out there that are more than willing towork with you to design a winning brand publishing strategy, or if you're based in Sydney or Melbourne we love helping you nut out brand publishing strategies too

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