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Six Tips for Running a Powerhouse Content Team

Six Tips for Running a Powerhouse Content Team

Behind every marketing success, you'll find a high-power content team. These six tips will help you choose people with the right skill sets, then tell you how to leverage those skills to build a championship team.

1. Build a common, cohesive content strategy

This might seem like a given, but before you write a word of content, it's crucial to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Whether you want to focus on content customisation or diversification of channels, your strategy can be the result of a collaborative effort, with input coming in from each member of the team.

In addition, a cohesive strategy will result in consistency -- and consistency can help you build a distinctive voice and image for your brand.

2. Add a skilled designer to your team

We live in a visual society. That's because the brain processes visual data as much as 60,000 times faster than it processes text. With statistics like these, it's no surprise that Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times more engagement.

A savvy marketer knows that a skilled designer is invaluable to a content team. Before visitors read the content on your site or social media page, they'll see the images; and those images will either attract them into staying and reading, or compel them to give your site a pass.

3. Hire writers with journalism backgrounds

Because of the demands of their industry, newspaper/magazine journalists and reporters have the ability to tell a story in a few concise, well-chosen words. Due to editorial constraints and space limitations, these writers have honed their self-editing skills to a high degree, and tend to use as few words as possible to get straight to the point.

Likewise, journalists and reporters can add a fresh voice to your content team because they don't depend upon rhetoric or stale advertising jargon to express themselves. They also have the gift of sounding credible -- because when you're reporting facts, credibility is crucial -- and can give your copy a sincerity that's worth its weight in gold.

4. Hire a managing editor

A good content team should have, first and foremost, a qualified managing editor with a background in journalism/reporting. This background means that the editor has worked under pressure, has the discipline to meet rush deadlines and has the patience and diplomacy needed to corral the energies and creative thoughts of a host of talented writers.

In turn, a managing editor can oversee workflow and deadlines, manage your content marketing platform (such as Cognitives) and delegate tasks to the appropriate team members.

5. Create writer guidelines

One of the best ways to create consistency in image and branding is to structure a comprehensive series of writer guidelines. Among the things you'll need to establish early on are which stylebook guide to use, AP or Chicago? Your stylebook will provide all the answers your writers will need about capitalisation, usage and formatting. Writer guidelines should also include editing policies and answers to legal questions concerning content rights and copyright laws.

You might also want to create a specific tone for your content -- a stylistic voice that can easily be recognised in any content hub. Your team can help create that unique voice, which in turn can become part of your branding.

6. Create an editorial content calendar

One of the best ways to stay organised and ahead of the game is to use your content marketing platform to create an editorial calendar, which can help you plan marketing strategies in advance. An editorial calendar can also help you schedule the posting of content that's specific to a buying season, time of year or holiday.

By posting guidelines and choosing your talent wisely, you can put together a content team that will provide you with the key ingredient for marketing success.

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