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8 Ways Content Writers Can Engage Commenters

8 Ways Content Writers Can Engage Commenters

Many websites and content management systems have commenting features built in. When web content writers post a piece on their blog, they are inviting the audience to contribute as well, inviting them to leave their own thoughts and opinions on the topic. Over time, you can create a highly engaged community that thrives through conversations in the comment sections of your articles. Below you can learn how you can engage with your readers and turn them into regular commenters.

Create an Easy-to-Use Communication Channel

Make it easy for people to start or contribute to a discussion on your content. While many commenting systems are straightforward, test out your CMS first and determine whether it offers a user-friendly experience. You will have people with different technical aptitude levels, so it's important to choose a universally accessible solution. Use any resources you have, ask friends and family from different walks of life to leave a comment and report back to you how they found the experience.

Respond to Positive and Negative Comments

Let your visitors know that you actively engage with commenters when they take the time to post. Try to answer everyone who has something to say, rather than just the positive posts. In some cases, the negative commenters have valid points you may have overlooked when you originally wrote the piece. Either way, people are commenting because they want to be heard themselves and they will become repeat visitors and repeat commenters if you show them that the comment section of your blog is a place where their posts don't go unnoticed.

Try to avoid getting in prolonged arguments with people who just want to hear themselves type, however. These trolls don't want to engage you in a productive discussion; they simply want to try to get reactions out of you. You may need to put a moderation system in place as you grow larger, especially if you write on controversial topics that run contrary to the typical way of thinking in your niche.

Get Personal

As a content writer, you need to write in a way that engages your audience, and one of the best ways to do this is by writing with a personal tone that shows some vulnerability and allows people to identify with your words. This makes readers more comfortable to share their own stories. You should encourage this sharing, asking readers to share more details or asking follow up questions on how they dealt with a specific situation. This makes the content more relatable. It also creates empathy, so people are closer to the narrative and want to say "I have been there too".

Control Spam Bots

Potential commenters stay far away from discussions if your post ends up riddled with spam. Many CMS platforms have anti-spam functionality or use add-ons to make it more difficult for bots to add no-value content to the conversation. Ideally, you should put this functionality in place before you open up the comment section, so you have a clean slate for your readers.

Ask Questions at the End of Your Posts

Pose questions related to your article topic to help encourage users to turn into commenters. Try to focus on open-ended inquiries so you give your audience plenty of ways to jump in on the discussion. If you have a post receiving a lot of attention, consider going on a social media site, such as Twitter, and hosting a live chat revolving around that subject. You get the side benefits of distributing your content on this platform and gaining more followers.

Add an Incentive

When all else fails, bribe your audience into engaging with your content. A giveaway, contest, gift card or another incentive gives them a compelling reason to add their two cents to your recent posts. Try to make your offer as relevant as possible to the post itself. For example, if you talk about traveling on an electronics blog, you could ask your audience about their favourite travel chargers or battery packs and give a top-rated one away to the commenters.

Show some Personality

People enjoy interacting with other people. Exchanging intelligent ideas and talking to real readers goes a long way. Allowing some joyful comments, comebacks and funny gifs can delight your audience and breathe life into your posts. Some blog posts are worth reading for the audience engagement and funny comments alone!

Link to Others

When you link to other bloggers and writers, you get a conversation started. This is an old trick, but it still works if you do it well. Send them a link to the article afterwards, ask them their thoughts or just ask for a comment. Most people would love to see that their work is propagating and don't mind sharing a few extra words. But if you do it in a forced way, it might just look odd.

Your content speaks to people in a variety of ways, but as a a web content writer, you may need to provide them with a nudge to encourage a comment or two. The first few comments are the hardest ones to get. Put these strategies into place when you want to build an active community and find out what's on your blog readers' minds when they look at your posts.

Get that conversion started now! Any other tips to add to this story?

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