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The Best Reporting Tools For Content Marketing Campaigns

The Best Reporting Tools For Content Marketing Campaigns

It might not always be the first thing you consider when strategizing a campaign but analytics are a crucial element of content marketing. The ability to tie somewhat intangible creative campaigns back to concrete KPIs helps to clearly identify patterns and pitfalls. It also helps to optimize return on investment. Reporting tools vary depending on content type and campaign goals. Metrics like bounce rates, page views, and social media activity are relatively easy to measure. But intangible success factors such as brand affinity and sentiment, awareness and authority are much more difficult to nail down.

Programs like Google Analytics provide a strong foundation for understanding what’s working and what isn’t. But there are other programs designed to give you a detailed understanding of what’s happening with your campaign. The majority of these tools also focus on analyzing funnel behavior because as the old saying goes: a well-optimized funnel is crucial in driving goal completions.

We’ve curated our list of tested content marketing reporting tools you’re bound to find useful.

Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Insights is a great tool, primarily designed for Salesforce users. This platform helps marketers to understand where their campaign fits into the overall sales pipeline. The attribution reporting feature is a winner. It helps you when making those strategic decisions about what marketing programs to invest in and which aren’t performing well. The program also allows for deep visibility into funnel performance, with the ability to cross-check historical performance. This comes in handy when determining the impact on-page copy has on driving your users down the funnel. It can also measure the impact of on-site usability changes.

Squeeze CMM

Squeeze CMM is a leading Canadian-owned platform, which specializes in measuring content impact on ROI. Specifically, Squeeze has been designed for enterprise businesses. It’s particularly useful in identifying what content really engages users within your target market. It can even create unique content consumption profiles for different audiences. The social channel breakdown allows you to see if you are pushing the right content on the right channels, monitors your long-tail content performance and gives an analysis of how different content performs within different stages of the sales funnel.

Insight Squared

Insight Squared comes inbuilt with a whole belt of great tools designed to support the measurement and growth of businesses. The program is a great all-in-one analytics platform. It measures a broad range of metrics such as sales, marketing activity, finance and customer service stats. As such, it’s a great compact package for smaller agencies looking to integrate measurement into one easy-to-use platform. Whilst it does have a sales focus, it also has a capacity to provide thorough analysis into marketing efforts. It can measure a campaign’s progress in achieving key goals, winning lead-gen sources and historical conversion rates over time.

Bright Funnel

Bright Funnel is another program with a pure marketing focus. Its primary goal is to measure your direct impact on ROI. More specifically, Bright Funnel measures the attribution marketing efforts at all stages of the purchase funnel from the first interaction through to the sale. It gives users the ability to identify which channels and campaigns have had the greatest impact on ROI, allowing you to cut out the dead weight. Armed with these insights, you’ll also be able to improve your content’s targeting by knowing who to contact, and at what time, for maximum impact.

But remember: while measurement is a crucial factor in proving the success of your campaign, you must bear in mind it’s not the be all and end all. Content marketing reporting tools serve as a great addition to any campaign, but it is the lessons you learn from these reports and the impact they have on your content and targeting that will really make a difference to your bottom line.

Now that you have the right content marketing reporting tools, take a look at important factors on highly engaging content and let's optimize your content strategy!

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