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Why Marketers are Rethinking Brand Awareness Campaigns

Why Marketers are Rethinking Brand Awareness Campaigns

We have been talking with lots of brand marketers over the last year and discussing the interplay of Brand Awareness creative and activities with direct response or activation campaigns.

Lots of brands are rethinking what they believe has been a gravitation to direct response & activation investment and by proxy a reduction of the awareness layer supporting the brand.

But Why?

Well from the discussions we have had it has a lot to do with the growth of digital channels and social networks being the carrier of the message.

That focus or reorientation for brands towards digital channels has been driven by the reach capacity and cost of these networks as well as the ability to better track ROI through digital attribution something that is harder to do for mediums like TV, Billboard & Radio all of this makes the choice a very enticing one.

But therein lies the rub for two reasons:

  1. The mediums that are missing the cut were the mediums/channels that we traditionally the natural carriers of Brand Awareness activity, so in some cases an unintended consequence of the shift has been a reduction of Brand Awareness support for their brands.
  2. Digital Channels & Social Networks that are good at attribution really lend themselves well to direct response or activation campaigns that benefit from strong performance attribution so even though they could carry a Brand Awareness creative message as marketers we tend not to use them that way.

A lot of smart marketers are looking to re-establish the balance tapping into Les Binet’s and Peter Field’s work The Long & The Short of it research and as part of that process looking to use Digital Channels & Social Networks to carry some Brand Awareness messages as well.

In that spirit it got us at Cooperate thinking more about our awareness message or lack thereof whereas a technology company we are often in the MOFU & BOFU activation space so we are starting to create some more awareness creative for our target audience of marketers in large enterprises.

Check out our attempt in this video.

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