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Five key takeaways from our marketing masterclass

Five key takeaways from our marketing masterclass

With an ever-changing landscape, marketers fight for their share in each marketing channel and the amount of content online continues to grow at pace.

This is a classic growing pain for marketers when they’re scaling up as they quickly feel they should be producing more content - perhaps at the cost of quality.

In partnership with Cooperate, Andrés López-Varela (Former Global Content Editor from Tourism Australia) took the WeWork stage and told us how to create content that both aligns to and impacts your customer journey.

Here are five key takeaways from Andrés' talk. 

1. Align your content to your customer journey

2. We're using the wrong data! These are the metrics that matter 

3. We should target our content to topics our audience whats to hear from us about 

4. We should make our content more useful to cut through the clutter 

5. We should create more original content, because people are drawn to authoritative opinions 

You can watch the full presentation here and download the slides here.

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