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Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund: The Details

Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund: The Details

The Regional and Small Publishers Jobs and Innovation Package will assist small publishers to adapt to the challenges of the contemporary media environment, create employment opportunities for cadet journalists, and support regional students to study journalism.

What is available?

Each year $16.7 million in grants is available to small and regional publishers to invest in programs that help them deliver quality independent journalism to their communities.

How will it work?

Publishers can apply for grants to fund projects that include purchasing/upgrading equipment or software, the development of apps, business activities to drive revenue/readership and training. Funding of staff via salaries is not permitted.

When will funding be available?

It is expected that the first round of grants recipients will be announced by 1 June 2018, with the first grant payments to be made from 1 July 2018. The fund will provide grants of $50 million over three years from 2018–19 to 2020–21.

How are Cognitives and AAP involved?

Through our years of experience working with and delivering for regional and rural publishers we have developed a bespoke solution that directly fulfills the requirements of the fund and crucially is exactly what you need to transform your media company for the digital age.

When and how can I apply?

The application process is being developed by the federal government now. We will be in consultation with ACMA to fully understand the process and will be able to guide you through applying, ensuring you get the best outcome. Contact our friendly team to understand what is available to you and how we can help. We are a team of journalists, designers, developers and media experts.

Do I Qualify?

Any publisher with at least $300,000 and not more than $30 million in annual revenue can apply for grants from the fund. There are other qualifying points - that can be read through here - ACMA Website

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