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Case Study:

Case Study:

How is a new independent publisher competing with national giants, using the Cognitives platform?

Newsroom is an independent, New Zealand-based news and current affairs site. Steep and sustained falls in revenue from advertising and newspaper sales have seen news sites forced to cut spending, reduce staff and pursue click-bait articles to drive traffic.

Newsroom wanted to start fresh, building a free and independent news and current affairs site focused on the Things that Matter to New Zealanders.

The problem was finding a content management platform that would support the scale of content and authors that would be required, while delivering the scalability, flexibility and speed needed for a new publishing venture.

With the Cognitives platform, was able to quickly build and deploy a custom designed news website using the platforms custom CMS. Flexible workflows enable their six content teams to create quality content at speed, managing over two hundred decentralised content authors through a single platform.

"It’s a smart, contemporary platform with excellent user experience and state of the art social media integration. All these developments are a real boost as we form our journalistic team and refine our plans to provide quality news and current affairs on the Things that Matter to New Zealanders."

Tim Murphy & Mark Jennings - Co-Editors

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