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Case Study: Country News

Case Study: Country News

How did a rural weekly newspaper transition to a national digital platform using the Cognitives platform? is the digital extension of a successful weekly newspaper. A network of journalists, editors and contributors who all share a passion for regional Australia, Country News consists of stories about life on the land including opinion, analysis and breaking news, as it happens. 

The problem was transforming a community loved print newspaper into a digital platform that could handle a large volume of content, expressed through verticals that define rural life and business. 

Cognitives and AAP were able to build and deploy a custom designed modern, responsive, multi-device news website. Rural bloggers and other authors can access the platform in order to contribute but the platforms' editorial workflows and controls give editors complete control over content, and publishing rights, mitigating the risk of error. 

In addition the Cognitives solution enables the team to push their stories to various social media platforms with ease, increasing reach and engagement with their audience.

Having a wider reach opened a digital revenue stream into the lucrative agri-business market. Country News were able to integrate external advertising tools into the website via the Cognitives platform.

Their goal is to become the biggest agricultural news site in Australia, a national digital platform that is the voice of rural Australia. 

To find out how Cognitives can help you transition to digital,  get in touch. We are a team of journalists, designers, developers and media experts.

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