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How the Cognitives Platform is Transforming Workflows

How the Cognitives Platform is Transforming Workflows

One of the benefits of going from print to digital is that your content is no longer constricted by the permanence of print, meaning you can speed-up your processes by shortening your multi-person workflows.

In saying that, even with a shorter workflow, the pace of digital news has a far more rapid idea-to-publishing cycle than you may be used to with print, so your new workflow and approval processes need to be as timely and efficient as possible. If you’re still relying on emails, in trays and frantic taps on the back to get your content moving, the likelihood is you’ll consistently be late to the party.

The Cognitives platform has designed a simple, user-friendly tool, that allows flexible workflows to ensure content flows effortlessly through the approval process, enabling your team to produce quality content at scale.

You can design multiple workflows, allocate specific times and assign members of your team. When you've finished writing an article in the Cognitives platform, simply select the workflow you want to use and Cognitives will ensure each member of the workflow is notified. From sub-editing to media, approvals to legal, the entire process is monitored and simplified. 

For example; below, I've created a workflow for feature articles, assigned team members according to their role and specified how long they have to complete the task. 

Once I write the article in the Cognitives Platform, I just select this "features" workflow and all the team members involved will be notified. Once a team member has completed their task, they simply mark it as completed. The workflow is visible to everyone and allows comments, so you're always in the know. 

To find out how Cognitives can help you transition to digital,  get in touch. We are a team of journalists, designers, developers and media experts.

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