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The Asset Manager: Images Made Easy

The Asset Manager: Images Made Easy

While Cognitives prides itself on being a great production platform for content and a seamless organisational and workflow tool, it also excels at things that are rarely integrated in the one platform. Storing and searching your assets easily, image editing and keeping an audit trail of your content is all possible within the Cognitives Asset Manager. 


Different websites and CMS all require certain image sizing for thumbnails, headers and images within articles. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect image, only to have to spend time cropping it or finding it's the wrong size all together. That's why we created an auto-cropping feature whenever you use an image on the platform. It's automatically cropped and sized to fit, while still considering the hero of the image. 


Finding specific images can be tricky, let alone remembering where and when they've been used. If you quickly scale from 100 to, say, 10,000 images and videos, you're going to have some challenges finding what you need. The Asset Manager stores all your images in the one spot and auto-tags categories, making it easier to find them later. For example, uploading the image below onto the platform, the manager has automatically tagged "Animal, Cattle, Cow, Mammal and Dairy Cow" which will allow me to search any of those terms to find the image. The manager also keeps a record of all its usage, whether it was used as a header image last week, or featured in an article two months ago, you can keep track to ensure you aren't overusing the same image.


The Cognitives platform is cloud-based with unlimited storage, fast response times, enterprise security and it's accessible from any device. This allows freelancers or photographers to simply upload as many or as little images to the asset manager, without compromising security. 


To allow for last minute changes there are simple editing tools like cropping and red-eye removal within the asset manager. You can also add workflows and comments or assign people to tasks within a specific image. 

To find out how Cognitives can help you transition to digital,  get in touch. We are a team of journalists, designers, developers and media experts.

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