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4 Ways Cognitives Optimises Your News for Search

4 Ways Cognitives Optimises Your News for Search

An important aspect of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. News SEO is a specialist field in itself and is treated differently by Google. In order for your content to be discovered, it needs to be presented with an expert view. The Cognitives platform automatically optimises content for news SEO making sure you are covered out of the box.

We automatically cover the below:


Meta-data is simply some additional information that is presented to search engines and is generally not seen by readers. This info is scrubbed by Google to display in search results. We auto-populate this info for you but then allow you the option of changing the details as you see fit.

Coding and Pages

When building news websites it is crucial to code them according to the standards set out by Google. This is using HTML tags called "Item Scope" and the specific ones related to news content. 

Similarly, links and the way they are structured can influence how Google weighs the news content you create. We build unique URLs automatically, to adhere to the way Google wants those to be built for news.

Google also favours pages that are fast. Faster pages deliver a better user experience, and Google increases your ranking if your pages are fast. Check out Google Page Speed Test to see how you fare. We optimise your news pages for speed, so you are covered. Part of this is ensuring that images and videos are optimised - we use leading-edge content delivery technology to achieve this for your readers. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages

With 47% of online news consumers using mobile devices, mobile content is essential. Google released Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to improve the news experience for readers. This is a coding convention that, if adhered to, enables your content to be consumed by news readers on mobile devices quickly and easily. The Cognitives Platform ensures all your content is optimised for AMP pages out of the box. This improves your rankings and gives you access to things like Google News.

Google News 

Google News is one of the leading news aggregators online. Adhering to the above technical standards means you are highly likely to get access to this critical distribution channel. We submit and manage this process for you once your platform is up and running - increasing your reach with new and existing audiences for your content.

To find out how Cognitives can help you transition to digital, get in touch. We are a team of journalists, designers, developers and media experts.

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