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Using Content Across Multiple Channels

Using Content Across Multiple Channels

Content marketing is about much more than producing content and floating it out into the world. It's a sophisticated and consistently shifting strategy or set of strategies, tools and human engagement that work together to create a compelling customer experience.

The focus of content marketing should be on the creation and curation of valuable and relevant content that has lasting value. The best content can be used in a variety of ways and across a number of channels - this is the key to marketing success.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when using content across multiple channels in order to drive marketing results.

Consider All Factors When Planning Content Campaigns

Even if your company isn't at a point where you are using multiple channels, you should still be creating content that takes them all into consideration.

For example, if you are publishing blog posts on your website, consider how that content could be repurposed into an infographic, tutorial or short video that you could share to Facebook or Twitter. If you have this in mind when you are creating content, you can make sure to come up with material that can be used over and over in multiple ways, which saves you time and money.

Remix Existing Material

Your content doesn't always have to be completely original - it just has to have your own unique, original spin on it.

Marketers regularly share content that is curated from other sources with a different angle. This helps to reduce the amount of time needed to create the content and can also help you develop relationships with other companies and influencers in the industry. For instance, you could create a compilation of industry-related events or insights from a number of different sources and link back to the thought leaders you're borrowing from.

Don't Share the Exact Same Content Everywhere

You might have a great infographic or white paper that is getting a ton of views or downloads on your site, but this doesn't always mean you should share it across multiple channels.

If you're planning to reuse it on social media, consider how you could make it shareable. People visit your site for a different purpose than they visit their social media platforms - they are looking for something valuable or entertaining. Not all content will work well across platforms but if you can find a way to make it more engaging or interactive, you will probably see better results.

Consider Your Audience

Content shouldn't be directed toward a single persona. There are many different users with different personas across platforms.

Each of them will react differently to your content so you need to identify and target each persona in order to effectively use your content. Users on Instagram and Twitter are looking for visual or short-form content as opposed to visitors to a blog or website who might be in search of more in-depth material.

The digital landscape is so saturated with content these days that it can be challenging to come up with material that gets heard above all the noise. In order to capture customer attention and develop meaningful customer experiences, marketers have to produce awesome and inspiring content that makes an impact.

The best way to allocate your time and resources is to make each piece of content have lasting value by being able to repurpose it across channels in various ways. That way, your content marketing strategies will see greater success and achieve high-performance metrics which in turn boost sales.

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