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Watch: How to Nail Customer-Journey Driven Marketing

Watch: How to Nail Customer-Journey Driven Marketing

The need for marketers to understand their customers’ journeys has become a hot topic in the industry. Why? Because delivering marketing that’s built to answer a customer need – at the right time and place – is the single most potent way to achieve business goals.

“Brands that can improve the customer journey see revenues increase as much as 10 to 15 percent while also lowering the cost to serve 15 to 20 percent.” McKinsey.

The best way for marketers to drive more revenue is through Customer Journey-Driven Marketing.

By building actionable customer journeys that are designed to achieve your business objectives, execute your global marketing activity and sales enablement, you'll deliver better results from your marketing investment.

Justin Cannon, CEO & Cofounder of Cooperate, runs customer journey workshops with marketing teams and leaders throughout Australia.

He uses the jobs to be done framework, showing marketers how to take advantage of this approach to drive more revenue and create better, more intelligible customer journeys.

You can watch the recorded version of the workshop below.

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