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5 Better Ways to Repurpose Content to Boost Brand Visibility

5 Better Ways to Repurpose Content to Boost Brand Visibility

Are you looking for ways to increase brand awareness, get more eyeballs on your content, improve conversions, and grow your following? 

Repurposing content is one of the best techniques to boosting visibility and getting your message in front of your desired audience. By simply taking your popular blog post (for example) and sharing that same message using different content types, you extend the life of your article and work smarter in your content marketing.

In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, one of the top five priorities last year for content creators was finding more and better ways to repurpose existing content. It is a highly effective method to ensuring you always have content to share with your audience while maintaining a consistent presence online for increased engagement.

The good news is there are many approaches to repurposing your content, yet, we’ve compiled some of the top ways to enrich your B2B content marketing strategy with these tactics.

#1 Host a Webinar

Webinars provide incredible opportunities for you to delve deeper into topics and position your brand as a thought-leader in your niche. You’ll easily separate yourself from competitors by offering great value while addressing questions from participants. It’s a great platform to expand on your blog post, show live demonstrations, and further engage with your audience.

The good news is that webinars is an amasing lead generator tool to grow your list. Each viewer must register their name and email to join your presentation. So, you’ll bolster your email strategy, increase brand exposure, and build credibility by repurposing content using webinars.

Simply share your blog post details with PowerPoint slides and leverage the question/answer feature to interact with participants.

#2 Publish Article on LinkedIn Pulse

Did you know that LinkedIn has surpassed Facebook as the #1 most important social media channel for B2B marketers (Source: Social Media Examiner). This is the “go-to” social network for B2B brands and marketers. Members are actively seeking content that will hone their skills and keep them abreast of industry changes, therefore, give the people what they want. Check these guidelines then post your content on LinkedIn Pulse. These professionals are eager to indulge in your expertise.

#3 Broadcast a Live-Streaming Video

Live-streaming videos are all the rave on social media! People are spending 3 times longer watching live video on social media versus one that is prerecorded. Platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope, and Instagram Stories are creating massive success for brands using these tools to reach their followers. It’s a huge way to capture engagement from your social audience and deliver your content message.

You see, viewers are able to connect with you live and in living color! They can ask questions on-the-spot, get immediate feedback, and engage with your message by “liking” your broadcast.

Build relationships with your social media followers by sharing your blog post content using live-streaming. Encourage viewers to ask questions for further insight and clarity. Finally, promote your blog link or landing page at the end to generate traffic back to your site.

#4 Post Question on Quora

Quora is an excellent channel to progress your brand as a leading expert while answering questions from ideal customers. You can search questions on this highly popular Q&A site that relate to your blog topic, answer the questions, and then include a link that leads to your blog content where they can get more information. This method sends traffic back to your website, improving your SEO and increasing opportunities for lead conversions ...a win-win technique!

#5 Always Share with Your Email Subscribers

Did you know that your email subscribers are some of your biggest fans? They’re actually 3 times more likely to promote your content on social media than visitors from other sources (Source: QuickSprout). It’s your responsibility to give the people what they want by sharing ongoing value that educates, inspires, and continues to offer solutions to their problems.

Therefore, your list should be the first to know about your blog post or any other content your share! Nurture your lead list by sharing your quality-rich content to keep them tuned into your brand. If you’re hosting a live broadcast via webinar or live-streaming video on social media, be sure to extend the invitation.

Examine your evergreen, popular, and long-form blog content to find posts that are worthy of repurposing. Utilise this checklist to expand your content strategy to foster growth in your business. You’ll experience favorable results like better follower engagement, an increase in email subscribers, and more content views. The key is to remain consistent in your marketing efforts.

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