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5 Killer Secrets to Building Loyal Followers on Instagram

5 Killer Secrets to Building Loyal Followers on Instagram

Instagram has over 500 million active users that are liking, reposting, commenting, and clicking on websites from profiles on a daily basis. With 50% of users stating that they follow at least one business, this buzzing community is looking to interact and learn more about your brand. The key is positioning your content in a way that fosters followership and engagement from your desired audience on Instagram.

Therefore, building loyal followers on this platform is attainable with strategic tactics and consistency. Here are five killer tips to growing your audience on Instagram and boosting brand awareness.

#1 Hashtags Are King!

Hashtags are used as a search method to find content on related topics. Its how people who’ve never heard of your brand discover you on Instagram. Not leveraging hashtags puts your visuals at a disadvantage, limiting visibility and the opportunity to grow your followers.

So its imperative to always include them in your post. Shoot for 5-10 hashtags that relate to your industry and content. Sources like Hashtagify and Top-Hashtags are valuable in finding relevant, popular hashtags in your industry that are generating engagement. You can also check your competitors and influencers newsfeed and see which hashtags are creating engagement for their posts.

Develop a list of hashtags that you’ll use regularly to really grow your audience. Test and measure responsiveness and make the necessary adjustments to improve your results. With consistency, you’ll have a list of “winning” hashtags that will bring a steady flow of followers to your page.

#2 Post Regularly

Building a loyal audience requires a regular publishing schedule where you’re constantly feeding your audience value-rich content to look forward to. You see, inconsistent postings can cause users to unfollow you. People on Instagram are seeking to engage in high-quality visuals that resonate with their interests…give the people what they want by posting on a daily basis.

The good news is there are a plethora of tools that can help you maintain an active presence on Instagram. Buffer, Hootsuite, and are equipped to schedule your content in advance and amplify your Instagram strategy. Most have free trials that allows you to fully experience these tools and how they’ll work for your business.

#3 Host a Takeover

Inviting someone to take over your Instagram feed for a period of time is a tactic known as a “takeover”. The major advantage is getting members of your team or community actively involved in your content and social media strategy by allowing them to put their own spin on your page. It brings a fresh perspective and introduces your brand to their followers.

Using someone who personifies the essence of your brand helps humanize your voice and shows that you’re connected with people in your industry. Use these tips to execute a successful Instagram takeover and position your company in front of new people to grow your audience.

#4 Use Instagram Stories

Live-streaming videos are generating killer engagement on social media. In fact, people are spending 3 times longer watching live videos than ones that have already been recorded (Source: Social Media Today). It is a great tool to create transparent experiences and build authentic relationships with your followers.

Use Instagram Stories for this same purpose. Take your audience behind-the-scenes to your next event or office meeting. Expand on a popular blog topic, allowing viewers to direct message you questions to get them involved. Report breaking news, ensuring that you relate it to your brand niche.

Capitalize on this engagement by giving a CTA that encourages viewers to repost your content to their newsfeed. Have a specific post that you want followers to share so it’s easy for them to simply go on your page and locate it.

#5 Leverage Industry Influencers

Influencer marketing is a big hit and can accelerate your presence online. Engaging and connecting with industry leaders positions you to leverage their large audiences to boosting brand awareness. However, this must be done as a partnership where you create winning situations for everyone involved.

One way to capture the attention of influencers is to regularly engage in their content. Like, comment, and repost their visuals, giving them proper credit. In due time, they’ll begin to notice your involvement and will do the same for you, putting your name in front of their followers.

You can also tag them in your posts but be sure that it offers value to their audience like quotes and industry related topics.

Refrain from tagging powerhouses simply to promote your business or products. This will make you appear spammy, leaving a sour taste in their mouths. Instead, remain positive in this strategy as influencer marketing can lead to new opportunities and collaborations.

Final Takeaways

Instagram is a solid network to build an audience and boost brand awareness. Implementing these steps will increase your followers, getting more eyeballs on your content. In addition to Step #1, include 1-2 more tactics to your Instagram strategy and test your results. Discover which ones are generating results and ramp up from there.

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