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5 Ways a Content Writer Can Build a Following and Gain More Clients
5 Ways a Content Writer Can Build a Following and Gain More Clients

A professional web content writer knows that their field is competitive. How many times have you undervalued your time, only to be outbid by someone willing to write for a lower price? The surest way to make a living as a web content writer is to build a following. A set of steady, loyal clients who'll give you consistent work can be a life saver. But where do these clients come from? A web content writer should use many strategies to achieve this. Below are five of the easiest and the most effective.

Write what you know. Write about what you love.

As a web content writer, you've probably written about a variety of topics, some requiring research because you didn't know enough about the subject. You may be good at what you do, but chances are if you write about the things you know and love, it will show in your writing. When you write about what you know, the words flow from your mind to your fingertips, appearing on the screen as quick as lightning. Before you know it, you've got a finished piece you can be proud of.

A blog is a necessity.

Any web content writer looking to gain a following and attract more clients should have a blog. When you have a blog, you can showcase your work and gain a following by promoting yourself on social media sites. Every time you publish a new article, you should share it on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for attracting new clients, and it lets you showcase links to new blog posts as well.

Be a guest blogger on other blogs if possible. Make contact through LinkedIn with other bloggers who may want you post a guest blog, subsequently increasing your reach and internet visibility.

Find the best time to post links and share articles.

Based on your audience, you may attract the most attention by posting links to your articles at specific times of the day. You should keep track of the articles that attract the most traffic and what time you posted them. Use Google Analytics or another analytical tool to see where most of your blog traffic comes from. This way, you'll know which platforms give you the most traffic and the ones you need to improve.

Take time to check freelancer sites.

You can browse plenty of freelance web content writer sites for new work. Sometimes the work may be a one-off but other times it may lead to a steady gig. Take time once a week to browse a few sites that seem lucrative and make contact with some of the companies that are looking for writing. Be sure to provide links to a portfolio and your blog.

Create valuable, interesting and informative content.

As a web content writer, you already know that content is king. You should always strive to write something that offers value to the reader. Create interest with a strong headline that lets the reader know exactly what the article is about. Utilize robust keywords when possible to increase the searchability of the article.

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